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ZTE Iceberg: this would be the world’s first terminal with a double notch

They have more detractors than defenders, but the notches are here to stay. After promoting Essential this alternative as a way to minimize frames and be popularized by Apple for its iPhone X, the vast majority of firms in the Android world have followed in his footsteps. The last to join have been Huawei with its new P20 and the future OnePlus 6, which we will see presented very soon.

As we say, there are a good number of users who detest that new devices bet on having a frown at the top. And although for the moment only a few firms have not jumped on the bandwagon, some seem to be willing to listen to users. ZTE could be one of them and would not include a notch in its future terminals … but two.

This would be the impressive ZTE Iceberg

As the popular leaker has shared through social networks Roland quandt, the middle WinFuture has exclusively revealed the future plans of ZTE. Your idea would be make the most of the lower and upper frames to avoid non-symmetrical designs that we have already seen in terminals such as the Mi MIX 2 and obtain a higher screen ratio. The function of this second notch would be to integrate a front speaker.

Another of the most striking aspects of this device would be its corners, since those of the phone itself would be rounded, but would have some glass projections that would cover the back and front of the device, in order to provide greater resistance and wireless charging.

The last details to comment on are found on the back, which in addition to housing the fingerprint reader – here there is no sensor under the screen – would also have pin system that makes us think of a modular phone line. We will see what decision ZTE finally makes, whose plans are to present this phone after 2018.