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ZTE has patented a design of a mobile that hides the hole in the screen with an ingenious trick

The holes in screen appeared for the first time in the world of smartphones at the end of last year. A feature that serves to gain more screen ratio and that, little by little, is becoming a trend. The pioneers in launching perforated screen smartphones have been Huawei and Samsung, but with the passage of time more manufacturers are joining this trend. For example, ZTE already patented the design of the world's first phone with two holes in the screen and it seems that now it has a nifty trick to hide the hole in screen.

ZTE has patented a design of a mobile that hides the hole in the screen with an ingenious trick, with a design completely different from what has already been seen to date, as pointed out from LetsGoDigital. The firm filed a patent for a smartphone that hides the hole in the screen at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) last April between network and battery icons.

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The patent refers to “a display panel, camera device, terminal and screen manufacturing method” and describes a smartphone with a really small punch camera. However, what is really interesting is not the size of the hole that houses the selfie lens, but the place where it is located: between network and battery icons at the top of the screen.

The hole in the screen is hidden between the network and battery icons

zte patent smartphone complete

Being a really small hole and being located in that position, it seems that this new ZTE smartphone has its perforation hidden, since the icons that flank it on each side make it less noticeable. As in these cases, as it is a patent, it must be taken as such, since the device may not end up arriving or, on the contrary, it does so with a totally different design.

The patent also offers more details about this mysterious smartphone, such as that will not have a traditional headset or who will use the technology . A technology that allows the screen to vibrate to transmit sound, achieving a fuller screen on the smartphone. For now, we just have to wait for ZTE to officially announce its new smartphone with a hole in the screen to know all the details.