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Ysi, get your internet and mobile rate right with the telecommunications “personal shopper”

Get to know Ysi, much more than a price comparison: it is a very complete “personal shopper” and totally free.

Nowadays, hiring a mobile or fiber telephone service can become an exhausting process. We have almost a hundred operators telecommunications, all willing to fight because we scratch our pockets with an offer, but, How can we be sure that we hire exactly what we need and at the best price?

For this is born What if, a tool free with which you can find the rate that best suits your needs. Find ADSL, fiber and internet at Ysi in less than a minute or activate an alert to always have the best price. Ysi is the telecommunications “personal shopper” and an essential tool for savings.

How Ysi works

Find your ideal rate in a matter of minutes with Ysi

Unlike other rate comparators, Ysi It always suggests the cheapest rate that best suits your needs. No cheating or cardboard. Basically Ysi catalogs all the offers on the market based on a series of parameters, from there, one fills out a small questionnaire and … We will have a list with all those rates that meet the requirements.

Of course the process is completely free and without the need to provide a single personal data (unless you want to contract the rate from Ysi, of course).

And if it works as a “personal shopper” of mobile and internet rates: when entering its website, in addition to invaluable information about rates and offers, we will be able to find the best option in telephone, internet and television services. To do this, it will be necessary to respond to a brief test, and in just a couple of minutes we will have a list with completely independent results.

Ysi cover

If you want to find your ideal rate at Ysi, start here

Choose what services do you need (fiber, mobile, landline, television …), what speed do you currently have, how many people do you share the network with and everything you want to clarify and you will have, at the moment, a list of operators and rates at your entire disposal.

From there, apply the filters you want (order by price, compare two or more offers, choose whether or not you want a specific service …) and, if a result suits you, go directly to the operator's website.

Ysi comparator

The Ysi search engine offers 100% independent results: it takes into account the price of the offer and the services included

In case you do not find what you are looking for, Ysi also incorporates a useful alerts function With which you can save a specific search so that, when there is a new offer available, Ysi will notify you by email. Thus, if, for example, your rate or your stay is about to expire, you can configure an alert that notifies you of similar services, in this way, you make sure you always get the best price, regardless of the operator.

Of course, you can unsubscribe from alerts at any time besides choosing with what frequency you want Ysi to notify you. It is a service without obligation and that in addition, Ysi will not use to send you spam or any other commercial communication: only new rates that correspond to your alert.

Why use Ysi and not other rate comparators

For starters, Ysi is 100% free and does not use your email to absolutely nothing beyond to notify you of the alerts and as long as you authorize it. As if that were not enough, its search engine crawls the telecommunications market covering more than 250.00 different rates and offers of a hundred operators. From there, Ysi shows you the most appropriate to your needs ordered by price: its algorithm and artificial intelligence will find it for you the best rate on the market.

In addition, Ysi offers exclusive added services in the market, such as the possibility of hire for you, processing your registration or your portability in your place, thus saving you paperwork and various headaches. They also include the already mentioned personalized alert system as well as the possibility of finding combined offers that bring together services from several operators, thus allowing you to access the best service for the lowest possible price.

Finally, the results it offers are entirely independent. These include all the operators in the market and they all receive the same treatment regardless of their size. The only thing that matters are your offers, which Ysi screens and orders based on the search: “There is no best offer but the best offer for you“.

You can find more information about Ysi at their website.