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Your privacy in exchange for your health? The official WHO app to fight the coronavirus will arrive very soon and will reopen the eternal debate

By now, surely our mobile phones know more about us that we ourselves, and perhaps for that reason surely could also have, both in the present and in the future, a more active role in fighting the pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, or at least in helping to mitigate its effects.

This is what they think in China, where it is almost imperative to have this Alipay app that classifies its users based on color codes to monitor your health status taking into account their movements and contacts, and so thinks a group of expert volunteers who have been at the forefront of the development of a new official app for the World Health Organization to help us first of all in the fight against this coronavirus that ravages half the planet.

It is a group made up of former Google and Microsoft employees, who have proposed develop the WHO MyHealth app in record time to combat misinformation by bringing people closer truthful news, important tips and all the latest news related to the coronavirus, but directly from the WHO.

A group of experts made up of ex-Google and ex-Microsoft has put to work with ‘WHO MyHealth', the app to combat false news and bring truth, alerts and advice from the hand of WHO to the whole world

WHO will soon have an official app to fight COVID-19

All the news, tips, alerts and much more, coming soon to your Android device

As reported 9to5Google development can be followed in Github and search bring people news, tips, alerts and much more, directly from the WHO, to virtually any device. In fact, it will be available very soon. both on iOS and Android and Web platforms.

The team is called and in it we not only have ex-workers of Google and Microsoft, but also ambassadors and advisers of the WHO along with other experts. They all work together to release the first version of their new WHO MyHealth app next Monday, March 30, still in version .

For now, it consists only of the same WhatsApp chatbot with advice on COVID-19 which WHO already has, but is expected to soon be able to offer notifications and alerts based on our location, as well as tests designed to help us self-diagnose our symptoms if we have them and make them known to the local health authorities.

Would you agree to an exhaustive monitoring of your movements, if you were infected with coronavirus? If this really helps …

There are plans also for integrate a monitoring of affected people based on location histories, in an effort to trace infected contacts and thus better understand the spread of the virus, although in this case the strict privacy rules of some territories would endanger a functionality as invasive as this.

The idea is that an affected user can take advantage of Google Maps technology to indicate if they have been diagnosed as positive, or if they have been in contact with infected patients, to make a movement map and allow us to maintain a safe distance with the most affected areas.

And finally, it should be noted that the development team you are using Google's Flutter cross-platform SDK, including also for the web application, so many members of the Google Flutter teams have been advising directly, also asking for the collaboration of any volunteer who has experience with Flutter and can help with the development of the application.

In these cases all help is good, so those who can or want to lend a handIf you have development experience, especially under the Flutter SDK, you can go to Github to join the team of the .

On | Color codes, quarantines and private data, a lot of private data … This is the app they use in China to fight the coronavirus (and it seems to work)