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You can now upload photos with more than 24 hours old to Instagram stories

Instagram stories are one of the star functions of this popular application. The format they “borrowed” from Snapchat works “, and so much so that you practically see more stories than photographs uploaded to the biography.

However, there was a limitation with these stories if you wanted to upload them from the gallery, that has been suppressed in the last update of the application.

If you want to know what it is about, keep reading.

The gallery no longer has limits on Instagram

I like Instagram

Until now, to upload a storie from the gallery, the photograph could not be more than 24 hours old.

This helped maintain that “fresh format” of content that has been taken recently, but the truth is that it did not make much sense.

Finally, the Instagram team has decided to remove this limitation.

How can we read on the Instagram blog, You can now upload any photo from your gallery to Instagram stories.

Automatically, when you upload it, you will see the date of the photograph in the Instagram font, quite beautiful and striking, in case you want to publish it like that.

We are happy with this decision, since there may be users who want to upload photos with some time to the stories, and they can finally do so.

The Instagram application is the one that works best within the “superpack” of Facebook applications, so we hope it will keep updating and improving little by little.