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You can now enter hastags and links to profiles on Instagram, we will show you how!

Instagram has become in recent times a social network widely used on a daily basis, either because of the Stories –copied from Instagram– or due to the improvement of the interface, the truth is that more and more people are using this.

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Facebook, as you know, loves to put new things in each update – if they can be copied, the better – and now, it has allowed us to introduce hashtags and links to other profiles in our Instagram bio, let's see how it's done!

Moto g5 instagram

This is how you can put hastags and links to a profile in your bio

On Instagram, – as in most social networks – aesthetics prevail, and the truth is that You can see this in the bio of many people, who work it out to the extreme. And, starting today, they can add hashtags and profile links to their bios!

Doing so is very simple, since for this you will only have to go to the section of your profile, and click the edit button. Once there, while you're editing the bio, just put a pad to write a hashtag –Which will also be suggested–, or an at sign followed by the name of the profile to enter the link to the user in question.

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As we can read in the news section of Instagram itself, when you mention someone in your profile bio, the person in question will receive a notification, and you can choose whether to remove the link from your profile. That is, the words may remain in your bio, but the link that leads to that user's profile will not.

Indeed, it is extremely easy to introduce these two new possibilities in your Instagram bio, so if you are fond of this social network, you already know how you can fully complement your profile.