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You can now download new Kirby wallpapers and many others from the official Nintendo website

Nintendo is one of the largest video game companies, and one of the companies that is betting the most on the world of mobile games. In fact, it was recently known that their titles for smartphones were a success in 2018, with Fire Emblem Heroes at the helm. Even the company has released how much money are you making with Pokémon GO, Niantic’s star work. The Big N does not put aside its consoles, such as Switch or Nintendo 3DS, and prepares the launch of new titles of its most popular franchises.

One of the last games to arrive has been Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, a kind of port of the original Wii game that is now available for Nintendo 3DS. On the occasion of the launch of the new game of Kirby, the famous pink character of the company, they are already new wallpapers available for smartphones, tablets and computers that can be downloaded directly from the Nintendo website.

In this new installment, Kirby will go on a journey to save the rhenium from the threads using his powers. After eating a mysterious tomato, Kirby travels to an unknown world made entirely of textile materials. There he ends up helping a young man who is chased by a monster, named Hilván.

How to download Nintendo wallpapers

Its about prince of the kingdom of threads, which Kirby must help to reclaim his kingdom and finish off the sorcerer Zur-Zir. Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn also features new modes, including a higher difficulty one, and mini-games. Hopefully it is the only title of the famous pink character to be released this year on Nintendo consoles.

The launch of Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn has been accompanied by a series of promotions by the Japanese company, such as gift users with game wallpapers. On the Nintendo website you can see some for mobile devices and computers at a price of fifty platinum points, with which you can take Kirby to the screen of your smartphone or computer.

To get platinum points, the first thing to do is create a Nintendo account to be able to exchange them for rewards. Platinum points can be obtained by completing missions related to the My Nintendo service and an application, like the platinum points from Super Mario Run.

On the same Nintendo page you can also see, for the same cost of points, wallpapers from games like Yoshi’s Crafted World or Animal Crossing, among many others. If you are a fan of Nintendo, you have a good opportunity to place your favorite characters with the official wallpapers on your devices.