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Xiaomi reveals one of the main novelties that MIUI 12 will include

Xiaomi has already released the MIUI 11 update for many of its devices, and the truth is that it is something to be appreciated that the company update its old terminals to this version, although the Android version remains the same, since in this way, they also receive the latest changes to the customization layer, or at least almost all of them.

And, with the latest version fresh from the oven, the Chinese company is already anticipating which will be one of the main novelties that MIUI 12 will integrate, the version of the cape that, predictably, we will see next year.

Dark mode for everyone, the first novelty of MIUI 12

Right now, MIUI 11 has a dark mode, but only for the terminals that, at least, have Android 9.0 Pie, so the rest of the terminals that came on the market a few years ago and that have not been updated, cannot enjoy this feature.

And the truth is that it is a shame, since, in dark environments, does less damage to your eyes be able to count on a dark interface.

But, now, it has been confirmed that all phones with MIUI 12 will have dark mode, as confirmed by a company employee on Weibo, and with this, as has been implied, it will not matter in which version of Android the device is.

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It is not surprising that the company is already clear about some of the changes it will make for the next version of its customization layer, but the truth is that, beyond this, we expect more in the face of MIUI 12, That it will be very difficult to overcome MIUI 11, which is the best version of the customization layer that Xiaomi has launched, both for its design and for its operation.