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Xiaomi launches a universal 10W wireless mobile charger for the car

When Xiaomi launched the Mi 9 last year, it accompanied it with a series of accessories aimed at allowing buyers of the phone to get even more out of it. One of them was a curious wireless car charger with power up to 20W, which did not take long to become one of the best sellers in the brand’s mobile accessories catalog. That is precisely the reason why Xiaomi has decided renew this accessory with an even more affordable version.

As explained in Gizmo china, Xiaomi has put up for sale on its YouPin portal a new wireless car holder / charger compatible with the Qi standard, which offers the possibility of charging any terminal with wireless charging at a power of up to 10W.

Wireless charging in the car for less than 20 euros

This new version of the charger maintains the format and design of the original model: it has a glass base that attaches to the car’s ventilation openings. It has an effective loading distance of 4 millimeters, so that devices can be charged even with a protective case. The only difference from the original model lies in the lack of blue ring around the induction base, as in this case it turns white.

Nor is the fastening system on both sides of the charger, which allows you to dock devices up to 81.5 centimeters thick, so that it will be possible to place the vast majority of smartphones available on the market. In addition, like the original model, it integrates a infrared sensor that detects the distance of the device, so that the holding “arms” open automatically to make room for the mobile, and close once the device is close enough to keep it securely attached. This makes it unnecessary take your eyes off the road when you want to put the mobile to charge.

Xiaomi 10W charger

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Its main virtue is possibility of charging any type of device compatible with the Qi standard wireless charging at the maximum power the charger is capable of generating. Therefore, it will be possible to wirelessly charge models such as the latest iPhone, Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S20 or OnePlus 8 Pro at 10W.

Beyond that, the charger includes a USB port that allows you to connect it to the power socket or USB of the car. It also incorporates different safety systems that prevent the charger from overheating excessively, including a heat sink located on one of the sides of the base.

The original model can be found at a price around 25 euros in the main import stores. This new edition has been released to a starting price of 129 Yuan, around 18 dollars or 16 euros. At the moment, yes, it is only available in China; We will inform you as soon as there is availability of this accessory in the rest of the regions of the planet.