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With this new feature coming to Google Messages, you will never forget to reply to an important SMS again

Gmail's automated reminders, the popular ‘nudges', are now preparing to land in the Google Messages app.

It's been a long time, back in 2018, that Google added to Gmail a curious function called -pushing, for its translation from English- and that it came to become a sort of automated reminders so that we never ever forget to reply to an important email.

Now, always according to the developers of xda-developers that have decompiled the latest version of the app , it seems that this option prepares to land on Android and remind us of the most important SMS completely autonomously.

The Google messaging app also wants you to not forget any important SMS.

In fact, it is that now allows you to add reminders manually to respond later to an SMS that we consider important, but it never hurts that our smartphone and modern artificial intelligence implementations work the magic of do this job automatically for us.

They are still just loose code strings in the latest beta version of the Google Messages app, but everything seems to indicate that very soon there will be an option similar to Gmail's ‘Nudges' but adapted in Android for SMS.

Never forget to reply to an email thanks to the new AI-based Gmail option

The truth is that for now the information will have to be taken with great caution, and it is that only lines of code have been sighted referring to in the latest version from Google Messages, v9.5, plus some screenshot which shows what the new settings for these automated reminders would look like.

<string name="nudge_continuation_enabled_pref_key">nudge_continuation_enabled</string><string name="nudge_continuation_enabled_pref_summary">Messages you might need to  up on will appear at the top of your inbox</string><string name="nudge_continuation_enabled_pref_title">Suggest messages to  up on</string><string name="nudge_learn_more_info_text">%1$s about nudges</string><string name="nudge_learn_more_pref_key">nudge_learn_more</string><string name="nudge_reply_enabled_pref_key">nudge_reply_enabled</string><string name="nudge_reply_enabled_pref_summary">Messages you might have forgotten to respond to will appear at the top of your inbox</string><string name="nudge_reply_enabled_pref_title">Suggest messages to reply to</string><string name="nudge_settings_page_title">Nudges</string><string name="nudge_settings_parent_pref">nudge_settings_parent</string>
Google Messages with Nudges

This is how the ‘Nudges' options are displayed in the Google Messages app.

As you will see in the upper capture, once the option of the Google's own Messages application will automatically display the at the top of the inbox, using AI to try to recognize the most important SMS according to its origin and content.

In addition, the , Probably suitable option for those SMS of transport companies with package tracking codes, or similar applications.

For now this new smart functionality has not started to be implemented not even for all users, and in fact it might even be ruled out by Google, so we will be attentive to let you know if it is finally released officially.

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