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Why you shouldn’t fall asleep with headphones on

Bradford Gauthier fell asleep with headphones on and when he got up … well, see for yourself what might happen to you if you do the same.

Listening to music or the radio is a very common relaxation method before bed. However, you must be careful, can become a dangerous activity if you do it with your wireless headphones.

That’s right, you shouldn’t fall asleep with headphones on. To prove it, we are going to tell you the story of Bradford Gauthier, an American citizen who fell asleep with AirPods and when I woke up I only found one. Can you imagine where the other earphone was? Well, he did when he tried to drink water and was unable.

It is common to lose some of the wireless headphones, but it is not so much that it ends up where Gauthier’s AirPod did. Next, we tell you the whole story so you can discover the danger of something as simple as sleeping with headphones on.

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Why you shouldn’t fall asleep with headphones on

Everything seemed normal after waking up for Bradford Gauthier until tried to drink water and saw that it was impossibleWell, he had to spill it in the sink. He began to feel great pressure in his chest and first put it down to the previous afternoon he had spent in the snow. Spoiler: that wasn’t the real reason.

After that incident, the protagonist of the story set about looking for the AirPods with which he had slept the night before. After searching the bedroom, as he himself narrates in a Facebook post, could only find one of the two earbuds. As a joke, one of his relatives commented to another that maybe Bradford had swallowed the lost earpiece, not knowing that that was really what had happened.

You can imagine where the story continues, in a hospital room to X-ray Gauthier. The image speaks for itself.

Headphones are dangerous if you sleep in them … and this X-ray proves it.

Sure enough, Bradford had swallowed one of his AirPods while he was sleeping and it had lodged in the lower part of his esophagus. To remove it, doctors had to have an emergency endoscopy.

The protagonist could end this incredible story with a happy ending, but you will no longer sleep with your wireless headphones with the same peace of mind That so far. He says it himself: .

You know, better advice than this from Bradford Gauthier we can’t get. From now on, if you are going to sleep with headphones, at least with those designed specifically for itBecause nobody wants to end up in the doctor for this reason, right?

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