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Why is it so difficult for your mother to go to Telegram

Last updated on 02/12/2017 at 17:30

WhatsApp, that great giant of instant messaging that we all know, use and that, however, it leaves so much to be desired. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of telling my family and friends to go to Telegram and leave WhatsApp at once, and although I insist, insist and insist, they are still in their thirteen. Why is it so difficult for a user to open their eyes And do you realize that there are better alternatives than WhatsApp? Well, it is simpler than it seems, although it hurts.

I have shared the excuses that my close circles usually make when I ask them why they don’t use Telegram, and there is one that always comes out. That excuse, irrefutable on the other hand, is what makes WhatsApp not only unstoppable, but also other alternatives have nothing to do. The reason is the following.

“Because WhatsApp uses it everyone”

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That is the excuse that everyone always gives me: “Why am I going to leave WhatsApp if I have all my contacts there?”. And it is a truth like a temple. WhatsApp was the first application in this sector (to reach Spain, at least). So far it was Tuenti and his chat, but of course, it had the disadvantage that you had to have the person added as a friend, and it wasn’t always the case. In fact, there were many people who did not have Tuenti, so messaging with those people it was reduced to SMS.

WhatsApp arrived, and it was the first to appear in our lives. 2009 was the date of its launch in iOS, 2012 the date in which it began to speak of the “WhatsApp Effect”, and today it is an essential app in our lives. WhatsApp went viral, everyone used it, and people got used to it. Free and online messages? Where do I sign? It was normal to hear “Don’t you use WhatsApp?”, “You still don’t have WhatsApp?” …

And here comes the problem. WhatsApp started as a fad among young people, a chat between friends that parents did not understand. “Are you already using WhatsApp again?” with Android or an iPhone, they tried WhatsApp and the end began.

I neither want nor is it worth it

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First they had to learn to use the mobile, then to download apps and then to use WhatsApp. And it cost them (I lived it in my flesh). Now, years later, when there are dozens of powerful alternatives like Telegram or even Google Allo, parents, and everyone in general, they are not willing to have to relearn how to use an app. They already use WhatsApp, where all their contacts are, and with that they have plenty. We can extrapolate this to any application that occurs to you. Tell your father to leave Facebook and get on Twitter, see what he says.

It is the whiting that bites its tail. There are no contacts on Telegram because everyone thinks they have no contacts on Telegram, and so on. Ultimately, what I want to get to is that neither your mother nor anyone else wants to use Telegram because 1) although the learning curve is minimal, they are not willing to overcome it and 2) because that same causes that “there is nobody” and, therefore, the argument that they have no contacts there is fed back.

WhatsApp is here to stay, and the rest of the applications will have to settle for keeping the crumbs, with people looking for new and better things.