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Why Android 9.0 won’t be called Android Pistachio Ice Cream

The name of the new version of Android is something that, year after year, has more than intrigued all those users who are up to date in the world of Android. And, although there are occasions – like this past year – in which the name is quite clear, It is true that in others, this catches us by surprise.

Now, after a few months since we first met Android 8.0 Orero, all eyes are on knowing what version 9.0 of the android operating system will be called. What, of course, we already know, is that this will not be called Android Pistachio Ice Cream.

No, Android 9.0 will not be Pistachio Ice Cream

As you know, Google has some particular quirks when it comes to choosing names for the new versions of Android that are released every year. One of these is that each version begins with the letter of the alphabet after the first letter of the previous version. The second mania, as you can deduce if you take a look at the names is that, absolutely all the names of the Android versions correspond to desserts. And yes, Oreo is our favorite so far.

Now, the next letter is P, and, following these patterns, we come up with a few sweet candidates to name Android P. However, Google has already named it internally, and, as we already told you, this it is Android “Pi”.

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Some reports, as we read in Neowin, or in ItPro state that this internal name is Android 9.0 Pistachio Ice Cream –Pistachio Ice Cream in English–, however, you can be clear that this will not be the name of Android 9.0.

And it is that, every year, Google gives an internal name to the new version of Android that is about to be launched, and this never corresponds to the final name of the version, as it happened with Android 4.4 Kit Kat, whose name for the inside was Key Lime Pie. The shots will go the other way, we fear.

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And it is that, at the beginning of the year, Google already began to leave small clues – or jokes – about the name of the next version of Android, in a game in the form of a room scape at the company's offices.

In these, they left us on the table, with a not very appetizing pint, a pineapple cake –Pineapple Cake in English– with which many of us are already beginning to get an idea of ​​where the shots were going to go. Indeed, by the inconcretion.

And the company will not reveal the name of the next version of Android until Google I / O in a few months, but, if one thing is certain, it is that it will not be called Android 9.0 Pistachio Ice Cream, and Google, really , we thank you for it.