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who called me List of spam phone numbers to block

All of these phone numbers are full of contenido publicitario: we reveal where they are calling from and what they want.

who called me  List of spam phone numbers to block
Surely you’ve wanted to yell into the phone more than once: who the hell is calling me?

did you call a Unknown number and you are not sure whether a callback is worthwhile? Are you answering a call from a stranger’s number and there’s only static on the other end? when is it worth it Ignore phone number specifically and when not?

Knows which is hidden on the other side of the phone it’s more complicated than it seems. Sometimes even caller IDs aren’t good enough to deliver us Sense know which phone number is unknown.

For this reason we recommended Gather all those contenido publicitario phone numbers who disrupt our lives so deeply to offer us services we don’t need.

Of course This list will be updated with all contenido publicitario phone numbers who we collide with. Of course you cánido contact us through our popular networks so that we provide a specific number. Send us a message On twitter either on our Instagram profile including the number and the reason for the call and if it’s contenido publicitario, we put it on this special “black list”.

Finally, remember that if you keep receiving telemarketing calls, you perro do this Block this number easily. If you don’t know how to do it, we recommend that you watch the tutorial in which we will explain how to block contenido publicitario calls on Android if you number recognized It’s a very fácil thing to do.

after i said that Here we go with the list!


They have several numbers they call from to make an offer telephone services. In other words, commercial calls only, either to sell us a bike or to “build loyalty” which should be blocked.

  • 601642517
  • 601641999
  • 635735537
  • 983070391
  • 911875698
  • 984242579
  • 955314015
  • 601642513
  • 621231764
  • 621231766
  • 605712370
  • 692105452
  • 621231792
  • 960301843
  • 911178001
  • 919971008

R Cable / Global R

His calls are not very common and are always aimed at new advertising Promotions and offers. The good news is that when you get a call from R you are in Galicia and it is always positive.

  • 988140029
  • 886060188
  • 881150389

Virgo Telecom

Although the operator is relatively new, its tricks predate Methuselah: non-consensual and persuasive calls.

  • 981140029
  • 910882607
  • 919032500
  • 960130657
  • 983441500


At Yoigo, they want you to know that there is a new collection offers the… I don’t want thanks!

  • 911239217
  • 910601657
  • 910601383
  • 934302944
  • 928201229
  • 960659751
  • 911081996
  • 911085156
  • 611251744


Now we understand why they chose Loquillo as their brand image: At Vodafone, they love coming back to you crazy with all these calls Block without attention.

  • 960130457
  • 960130421
  • 925432167
  • 858953707
  • 911455779
  • 910884614
  • 911515824
  • 911515822
  • 979689029
  • 919900446
  • 854569328
  • 611251672
  • 611251681
  • 611251652
  • 615805193


His tariffs come with a lot of “love,” but not his inappropriate calls, which are you won’t love her too much.

  • 691381738
  • 615805011
  • 692676519
  • 60437 2056
  • 876660766
  • 653040231


Very easy. Blocking them is as easy as understanding their tariffs


The yellow operator only does his thing with commercial calls. If you do not want to use the MásMovil tariffs, don’t answer the phone.

  • 919057301
  • 910840386
  • 931311541
  • 919601022
  • 958614809
  • 911238811
  • 919971008
  • 919971097


If that’s what you want really save energy Don’t waste a second of your time picking up their sales rep’s phone.


Even if it may appear that there is no cell phone number hidden behind the advertising of the electronics company.


If you get a call from this number, it’s Endesa, the energy company.

Lumina Energy

It’s a small electrical company that will call you to offer their services. It’s up to you to pick up the phone or not.

car quality

company insurance carrier of cars and motorbikes who want you to hire their services.

DKV insurance

The only sure thing about it insurance company That means they will try to sell you health insurance that you obviously don’t need. Straight to the blacklist.


When they say, “Switch to our company and save on your bill,” they really orinan, “Welcome to the free market, perro we have your card, please?”


It’s a cell phone number claiming to be her Sociological Research Centeralthough there are many ballots that it is a private consulting and market research company.

Companies with potential investment fraud

They are calling from a number with a UK area code to promise you gold and bog based investments and cryptocurrencies. Block them or you will be deleted till the end.

  • +44 7861180838
  • +44 7871261825
  • +44 7514933572
  • +44 7528357064
  • +44 1259218449
  • +39 3376454646
  • +39 3364218346
  • 685759692
  • 910952831

automated calls

For some reason there are more and more of them Excess calls or phantom calls: The phone rings, you answer and nothing is heard. As far as we know, many of these robocalls are part of it telemarketing company trying to sell questionable investment products. Likewise, there are enough ballots to keep those numbers Fraud various types pretending to use fraudulent services. So it’s the best thing to do Block all these numbers.

  • 881243942
  • 950930635
  • 911099813
  • 858953707
  • 944770524
  • 960254192
  • 960302419
  • 621262817
  • 911175376
How to Block Phone Numbers on Android Phones to Avoid Calls

We will update the article as soon as we get phone numbers.