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When is Pokémon Unite coming out on Android and iOS? All that is known

Pokémon Unite is coming to iOS and Android, presumably next September.

After a year of waiting, The Pokémon Company recently presented its first MOBA or real-time action strategy game, Pokémon Unite. At the moment, this new title in the Pokémon saga only available for the Nintendo Switch but it will come very soon to both iOS and Android and this is all we currently know of its landing on mobile platforms.

Pokémon Unite is coming to mobile devices very soon

Pokémon Unite is finalizing its arrival on mobile devices

After Niantic's success with Pokémon GO, TiMi Studios, the group of developers who have created Pokémon Unite in conjunction with The Pokémon Company, you are well aware that in order for your game to reach as many users as possible you must land as soon as possible on both iOS and Android.

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Thus, from what we know so far, all of us who want to enjoy this first Pokémon MOBA on our mobile devices will have to wait until September 2021 to do it.

In this sense, TiMi Studios has not yet announced the exact day of the arrival of its new game to our smartphones, but what we do know is that the video game it will be exactly the same as the Nintendo Switch.

This means that we can achieve the same 20 Pokémon available on the Nintendo console version and enjoy all game features, without any clipping.

Another aspect that has already been confirmed about Pokémon Unite for mobile platforms is that it will be a totally free game, which can be downloaded free of charge through the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Nintendo has also confirmed that Pokémon Unite it will be a cross game between platforms or crossplay, which means that one user with their iPhone, another with their Switch and another with their Android terminal will be able to participate in the same game.

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