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When is Clubhouse coming to Android? Its creator says that it is something “priority”

According to the founder of Clubhouse, the arrival to Android is a priority.

If you thought that Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram were the most popular applications of the moment, you were very wrong. Because Clubhouse recently emerged, a social network that, unlike others like Instagram or TikTok, dispenses with images to give importance to sound and that today is a mass phenomenon.

Clubhouse is an audio-based social network that was born in March 2020 in which the user can listen to live conversations and participate in those that are interesting to him.

Unfortunately this interesting app is only available to download on iOS phones and although its arrival for Android is confirmed, we still do not have dates. Luckily, its creator has just announced that the version for Google’s operating system is the priority and that they are working very hard to launch it on the market.

For the creator of Clubhouse, the Android version is a priority

Cubhouse is the fashion social network

We read it on 9to5Google, for one of the founders of Clubhouse, his arrival on Android is the main thing. As many of you know, the app has become one of the most downloaded apps in Apple’s operating system, so not being able to enjoy it on Android is dire news.

A month ago Clubhouse announced that it would also be available for Android although the work had not yet started. Now from within the app they recognize that they are working day and night on it and that is being available on Android is his highest priority.

These demonstrations came following an interview by a New York Times reporter with Bill Gates and Paul Davidson, co-founder of Clubhouse. At one point, Bill Gates acknowledged that he uses an Android phone and that unlike other Americans, the iPhone is not very funny.

After this comment, Paul chimed in to say not to worry, that Clubhouse would soon be on your favorite operating system.

Unfortunately we still do not have an exact date for the arrival of the Clubhouse but this news makes us think that it will come soon. While we wait, either we have an iOS device or we use all these Clubhouse alternatives that we can download from the Play Store.

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