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WhatsApp will allow you to make video calls with more than 4 people

Last updated on 04/17/2020 at 09:54

During these times of confinement, many have found in video calls an escape route through which to remain united even from a distance, and incidentally make their period of social distancing more bearable that prevents them from being close to their friends and family until this crisis is over.

As expected, WhatsApp It has been the preferred option for the vast majority of people when it comes to keeping in touch with their loved ones.

The problem is that the most used instant messaging application on the planet did not seem to be prepared for a situation like this, and many users have encountered certain limitations such as the inability to make group video calls with more than 4 people.

Limitation that has led many people to bet on alternatives such as the famous Houseparty.

But there may soon be a solution to this problem. As they have learned from the portal , WhatsApp is working on expand the number of people who can participate in a group video call, thus eliminating once and for all the limit of four participants in force today.

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WhatsApp will finally end one of the most annoying limitations of your video calls

WhatsApp group video calls

While it is unknown what will be the new limit of participants, in the aforementioned portal they have ensured that, once the limit of four people is eliminated, they will be able to participate in WhatsApp group video calls at least five people.

They also ensure that, in order to participate in a call with more than four people, it will be necessary download the latest version of WhatsApp, which will be released through Google Play on Android, and through the App Store on iPhone devices.

His arrival is scheduled for the next few weeks, but at the moment there is no specific date.

But that is not the only novelty that is close to reaching WhatsApp. Apparently, the latest beta version of the application available on Google Play, introduces a new header in voice calls indicating that the content of the call is end-to-end encryption.

In the image below these lines you can see this new header in more detail.

New call header in WhatsApp

Unlike the new limit of participants in video calls, which for now it is not active or available to users of the application, the renewed header of voice calls does already appear in the application when the version 2.20.129 of the application.

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