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WhatsApp stickers with audio: how to make and share them with your contacts

Some believe that the animated stickers of WhatsApp are not enough. And, for them, the solution has been none other than creating their own stickers with audio.

This type of stickers has started to go around the world through thousands of WhatsApp conversations, and although it is not a function built into WhatsApp, its authors have not hesitated for a moment to share with the world the formula to create stickers with audio.

Stickers, one of the most used WhatsApp functions.

Create and share stickers with audio on WhatsApp

Since, by default, WhatsApp stickers do not include the possibility of playing audio, the users of the messaging app have looked for a way to be able to add sound effects to your animated stickers.

And the solution is as simple as using WhatsApp voice notes that complement the animated sticker in question. In Twitter we can see some examples of the funniest.

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Therefore, all you need to create stickers for WhatsApp with audio is to have a app to trim sounds that allows you to save the audio you want to send with the sticker as MP3, so that WhatsApp interprets it as a voice note. When you've created your audio, just follow these steps:

  1. Save the audio you want to send together with the sticker in the internal memory of your mobile.

  2. Now, send the animated sticker to the WhatsApp conversation.

  3. Then, attach the audio that you saved in the first step.

This is one of the simplest ways there is to send stickers with sound on WhatsApp, but it is not the only one.

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Android apps like “Stickers and Sounds”Include both sticker packs as audios that complement the animated stickers. In this way, you can send stickers with audio without the need to cut out the sounds yourself.

Finally, a third way to get stickers with audio for WhatsApp is to join a group conversation used to share this type of stickers. In it, it is possible save audios and stickers to forward them to our conversations, thus saving us the need to use an app to trim audio or to have to download another sticker application.

We do not know if, sooner or later, WhatsApp will introduce the possibility of add sound to stickersBut there is no doubt that users of the app would welcome this feature with open arms. Meanwhile, we will have to resort to one of the alternatives that we have mentioned.

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