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WhatsApp stickers, the best packs you can download

Discover the best sticker packs for WhatsApp: 61 free sticker packs and more than 2,500 stickers to download to your mobile.

After a long wait, stickers for WhatsApp They became a reality a couple of years ago, and in this way the most used instant messaging application on the planet finally adopted one of the characteristics that other online communication tools had for a long time.

Of course, WhatsApp did not pass up the opportunity to give developers and designers the ability to create your own stickers, and share them with other people with the aim of flooding the chats of millions of people from all parts of the planet.

This freedom, however, has caused that today we find hundreds of different sticker packs on Google Play, each with their own style. There is so much variety that it is increasingly difficult to find those that are really worth it.

For that reason, in this article we select the best WhatsApp stickers to download that exist in 2020, in addition to giving you some recommendations so that you can get even more out of this function.

Weekly We will update this list with new WhatsApp Stickers that you can download for free.

The best sticker packs

Within the immense world of WhatsApp stickers, we can find packs divided into different categories. Depending on the style of the stickers that we want to download, we will have to look for the packs in one category or another. Here are some of the best of each type:

Funny sticker packs

The best packs of funny stickers. Images of jokes, memes, viral of characters like Pepe the Frog, celebrities, youtubers, Memes Rage, Twitch Reactions, llamas, emojis and many more.

These WhatsApp stickers are perfect if you want to send left and right to all your contacts on a holiday.

Video game sticker packs

Fortnite, PUBG, Counter Strike, Animal Crossing … The most famous video games of the moment, embodied in the form of stickers. Perfect to celebrate the games won in your favorite battle royale through WhatsApp.

Series, TV and movie sticker packs

For the most seriéfilos and moviegoers. WhatsApp stickers of famous TV series and movies like Game of Thrones, Vis a Vis, Game of Thrones, Friends, The Simpsons or Breaking Bad.

In addition, you can also find stickers of some of the most popular movie characters such as Hombre de Hierro and other Marvel superheroes, as well as DC heroes and villains, including Batman, Superman or Joker.

Anime Stickers for WhatsApp

Anime stickers for WhatsApp

Special event sticker packs

Black humor sticker packs

If yours is the black mood, there are also WhatsApp sticker packs for you. Despite not being the largest category, it is possible to find some perfect sticker packs for lovers of and other jokes of the style.

WhatsApp sticker packs for iPhone

In this selection there is also room for users of . If you have an iPhone, the process to download WhatsApp stickers is not that simple since apple prevents the existence of sticker packs in its App Store. Instead, you need to resort to applications that They include several sticker packs or that allow you to create your own from your mobile. These are some of the best:

Other sticker packs

For stickers that do not fall into a specific category. Animals, sports, love, music –yes, there are also BTS stickers–, stickers for WhatsApp for adults or even ForoCoches stickers. There are also stickers that you can use to To say good morning with hearts, greetings and of course memes.

If you want to enjoy the widest variety of stickers possible, don’t miss the opportunity to download these packs full of stickers of all kinds.

Where to download even more free stickers for WhatsApp

I am afraid that more than 2,500 icons that include the previous sticker packs will be more than enough for most.

But if you don’t conform and want even more sticker packs, you can always turn to other sources from which download stickers for WhatsApp alternative.

A good place to get sticker packs of all kinds are the public WhatsApp groups. In them, you can find communities where their members decide share forbidden sticker packs on Google Play –for different reasons–, or personalized sticker packs for which it is not worth it create an app and publish it on Google Play.

A good source to find groups of free for WhatsApp is iGroups. It is a repository of groups of all kinds, categorized by country, language and theme.

How to install and use new stickers on WhatsApp

Fortnite Stickers for WhatsApp

Fortnite stickers for WhatsApp

Whatever sticker packs you have decided on download and install on your mobile, the process to use them will be the same with any of them. To do this, you only need to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to any chat
  2. Click on the smiley emoji to the right of the text entry bar
  3. Tap on the stickers menu, located right next to the GIFs menu.
  4. Choose the desired sticker pack, and tap on one of them to send it.

Also, remember that, if you want, you can also put stickers on your WhatsApp status.