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WhatsApp opens the beta program for WhatsApp Business in some countries today

Last updated on 10/21/2017 at 11:40

Last December we got to know the new WhatsApp tool for businesses and professionals, a modality called WhatsApp Business. We have already seen everything necessary about new business accounts, which would begin to appear in the most popular instant messaging application in the world.

It is a separate app from the original, however the interface of it is nailed. There is only one significant change, and that is that the application icon will have a capital letter ‘B’ inside, instead of the phone we are used to.

WhatsApp Business will help companies to contact their customers more easily and quicklyHowever, the tool was in a closed beta. Until today, as this program will begin to open in some countries, Let’s learn more!

WhatsApp Business opens today for some countries

Companies are waiting like rain in May for this application to arrive, however, many countries will have to wait a little longer than normal. It is not the case of Indonesia, country in which the application will be opened for the first time, behind the, it will reach India and Brazil, and finally the rest of the world.

whatsapp business

Anyway, we recommend that you join the WhatsApp Business beta program to be able to enjoy it as soon as possible, it is very easy to do. You just have to access this link and accept the terms, nothing more.

Now so It only remains to wait for WhatsApp Business to begin to deploy in the rest of the world, so we will keep informed of all the news that appear.