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WhatsApp for Android now allows you to play videos in a floating window

Last updated on 12/14/2018 at 14:05

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging applications, continues to be updated with new functions to improve the user experience for users.

Its beta for Android recently added the possibility of play voice memos consecutively, and now the company launches floating window videos, better known as PiP videos, for all operating system users.

As they report from Wabetainfo, a medium specialized in the mobile messaging application, WhatsApp for Android has just launched one of the features most requested by users of the service: PiP (Picture in Picture) videos.

A function that allows the user to view any video shared from other services, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, in a small floating window without having to leave the app.

Until recently it was an exclusive feature for the beta version of the messaging application, but finally it is already available in the stable version thanks to the new update 2.18.380 which has been launched globally.

Android users, when they receive or send a link to a video on WhatsApp, now have the ability to play it in PiP mode.

This is how WhatsApp PiP videos work

WhatsApp for Android, PiP videos

The operation of the floating window videos is simple. When sharing or receiving a video from an external platform, you just have to click on it and it will automatically play in a floating window within the WhatsApp conversation itself.

An option that allows send messages while the video is playing.

In the same way, floating window can be moved and resized, in addition to being able to reproduce it in full screen without having to leave the messaging application itself.

Of course, if you quit WhatsApp, the video will stop playing. So that videos can be viewed in a floating window it is totally necessary to share it from the source application through the button of correspondent.

If one copies and pastes the video link in the message drawer, it won’t work. A feature that was already available on iOS devices but is finally here for all Android users, who can now continue browsing the chat while enjoying a video.