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WhatsApp copies Telegram for the umpteenth time with its new feature: the heart emoji will be giant and will beat


WhatsApp plans to animate emojis in chats: the heart emoji will be one of the first to be updated.

Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, has long since decided increase the rate of updates coming to the update, with the aim of introducing more and more novelties and more frequently. Recently, we have seen how the messaging app has received functions as useful as the possibility of transferring chats from Android to iOS, or several new tools in the voice call function.

Some of the novelties that have been coming to the app are, clearly, inspired by functions that are already present in other messaging appsmainly Telegram.

heart emoji on whatsapp

WhatsApp’s heart emoji will look much more like Telegram’s.

WhatsApp’s heart emoji is about to change

At the end of last year we already advanced WhatsApp’s intention to copy Telegram and introduce animated emojis in chats, starting with the heart emoji. Several months have passed since the first clues that pointed to the arrival of this novelty appeared, and everything seems to indicate that, now, the time has almost come to welcome this function.

How could they check into a portal specializing in WhatsApp news, the oversized animated heart emojis have reappeared in the application.

The meaning of WhatsApp emojis
Big and animated emojis in WhatsApp

The heart emoji will become big and lively, in all its colors.

Currently, only red heart emoji displays this animation and appears in large size when sent in a message. However, with a future update, all heart emojis will have this same movement effectjust like it happens on Telegram.

Most likely, the novelty will reach the application in the coming weeks, starting with the beta version of WhatsApp before making the leap to the definitive version of the messaging app. Once available, you just have to download the latest version of WhatsApp to enjoy the changes.

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