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Whatsapp 2023 download free

Learn how to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp available on your mobile phone.

How to Free Download WhatsApp 2023 and Update to Latest Version
WhatsApp is still the most used messaging aplicación in the world and we explain how to download it to your mobile phone in 2023

Whatsapp, also known as “Wasapp”, “Wuasap” or “Whasap” among others, is the most used instant messaging application in the world. It’s become one of those aplicaciones that we all use on a daily basis and that’s exactly why it’s important to know about it Where to download it officially and how to update it to the latest version. In this article we will teach you How to download and install WhatsApp in 2023 for free on móvil, computer and tablethow to download your archivo Official apk and how Update WhatsApp to the latest version available in 2023.

You should know that first Download two types of WhatsApp for Android: the ones you perro find on Google plus Play whose version is stable and ready to use; and the WhatsApp beta versionwhich has the latest features although there may be some errores.

If you are only interested in the Aplicación Store version, you perro download it now:

Download WhatsApp for Android

But if you want to know more, read on!

Table of contents:

How to Download WhatsApp on Android in 2023

There are different ways to download WhatsApp. Depending on whether you want to do this through Google plus Play, you will get the Download whatsapp apk Or if you like install whatsapp free, on your computer or tablet.

Whichever method you are looking for, you perro see the steps to follow for each one below.

Download WhatsApp from Play Store

If you want to install WhatsApp on your móvil inteligente, the easiest way is to use the Android Aplicación Store. In addition, thanks to Google plus Play the application It will be automatically updated on your Android with new features and security patches.

to Download WhatsApp from the Play Store All you have to do is access the backlink below, clic “Install” and that’s it, it will be automatically downloaded on your Android phone and you perro use it. That’s easy!

Download WhatsApp on Google plus Play

Install WhatsApp without Play Store from official website

If you want Download WhatsApp without Play StoreYou cánido download the installable APK archivo from WhatsApp’s official website yourself.

To do this you must first Enable Unknown Sources on your Android. Just go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources so you cánido Download WhatsApp APK archivo. And don’t worry, because it is Official versionSo it is virus and software malicioso free.

to Download WhatsApp apk go to Official site and clic the green button. You will see the archivo being called WhatsApp.apk, which you should install on your Android. Just clic on it and accept the installation.

Install whatsapp beta free

The version Download WhatsApp Beta It allows you to test the latest news coming to the fore before anyone else. The process for Download WhatsApp Beta It’s slightly different from what we’ll continue to download for the original aplicación.

How to use WhatsApp beta

As we have already told you, WhatsApp beta where they test all new features before releasing them to the stable aplicación on Google plus Play. Accessing this version is so easy How to become a beta tester and download the beta from the Android Aplicación Store.

How to become a WhatsApp beta tester

to Try the beta All you have to do is gain access google plus play. Clic on the big button and you will become the tester of the WhatsApp Trial. Keep in mind that this means exposing yourself to various errores and errores that may not be in the official version, but you must try the new features before anyone else!

If you’re a beta tester, wait a few minutes and download – or update – Download WhatsApp from Google plus Play. The new version is the beta version and includes all the news that we always bring to you at Andro4all.

The beta versions are only available for mobile devices, so you cannot use them on WhatsApp for desktop.

How to download watsapp for computer

If that’s what you want Use WhatsApp on your computer, all you have to do is use WhatsApp Web, the version that allows you to use the messaging service through web browsers. Here are the following steps:

  1. Entrar
  2. Open the WhatsApp aplicación on your mobile phone.
  3. From the Chat tab, clic the three dot menu and then clic WhatsApp Web.
  4. Confirm the activation of the camera and scan the QR code you have on the page you opened at the beginning.
  5. After a few seconds you will see all your conversations in the browser and be able to use it.

It should be noted that you no longer need to use WhatsApp from the computer Keep your cell phone on and covered at all times. Well, thanks to the multi-device mode, it is now possible to have a WhatsApp session independently of the mobile.

On the other hand, this is worth mentioning WhatsApp already has official applications for Windows and macOS, with the same functions that we find in WhatsApp Web but with an interfaz that adapts to the visual language of the latest versions of each operating system. You cánido Download WhatsApp for Windows or for macOS of the Official WhatsApp website.

How to download WhatsApp for tabletas

WhatsApp Messenger cánido also be used on tabletas, and in this case we cánido mezcle the two forms. In other words, we perro use it through WhatsApp Web, installing the application in the device’s memory. How to do this, we explain step by step in another article:

How to use WhatsApp on a tablet

How to reinstall WhatsApp?

If you’ve changed your phone, you probably want to do this Reinstall WhatsApp on your new device.

Although the steps outlined above are used to install the aplicación on the new device, it is required beforehand uninstall whatsapp from old phoneso that our account is no longer linked to our previous phone.

to Uninstall WhatsApp, you just have to go to the “Settings” application on your mobile, access the “Applications and notifications” section and look for WhatsApp under “Installed applications”. Inside, tap the Uninstall button.

After all, you just have to Download WhatsApp and install it on the new device and log in to your account.

How to find out what version of WhatsApp you have installed

Many of the messages come on WhatsApp only available for newer versions the application. Therefore it is very important to keep WhatsApp updated always to the last available delivery.

But how do you know if you have the latest version installed? There are several methods to find out the version of an application installed on your mobile phone, but this is the simplest of all:

  1. Open the Settings or Preferences application on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to the “Applications” section.
  3. Tap on “All aplicaciones” and look for the aplicación whose installed version you want to check.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you cánido see the version of the application as you cánido see in the screenshot below these lines.

Summary: Download and install WhatsApp

  1. Go to the official website and download the APK archivo. Or if you prefer Download from Google plus Play.
  2. Press the “Install” button on Google plus Play or locate the archivo if you downloaded the APK and install it.
  3. Confirm your phone number.
  4. If you have saved a copia de seguridad, you will be asked whether you want to restore it or not. Choose what you want.
  5. Entrar a profile name (you cánido change it later in the application settings.

So you already have WhatsApp on your phone. You perro start chatting now and add a profile picture and status if you want. Remember it You perro also use the service on a computer and tablet.

Additional content: How to update WhatsApp on Android

if you already have it installed on your móvil It is important to update it to the latest version to avoid possible breakdowns, errores and errors. Although we already wrote a whole article on how to update WhatsApp back then, let’s summarize the process again.

All you have to do is go to Google plus Play > My aplicaciones & games and check for aplicación updates. If so, just clic on it and then clic “Update”. The new version will be automatically downloaded and installed on your mobile phone.

If you prefer to use the APK archivo, Visit the Official site vía WhatsApp and download the installation archivo. The process is exactly the same, except this one is a bit more tedious, but it works the same!

Now you know how to download and install WhatsApp for free, how to access its beta version and how to update the application to its latest version. If you don’t use WhatsApp, then you don’t want to either!

Plus 2: These are the most important WhatsApp news of the last few months

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications on the planet and in order to always stay up to date, the company responsible for its development does not stop introducing it new changes and news through updates. These have been placed The most important WhatsApp updates of the last few months:

call backlinks

Links to video calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp already allows you to invite others to your vídeo calls vía personalized backlinks.

One of the latest changes allows landing on WhatsApp share calls with other people. This way you perro generate a backlink and all people who receive it You perro join your voice and audio-vídeo calls easy.


How to Free Download WhatsApp 2023 and Update to Latest Version

WhatsApp message with reactions.

He is WhatsApp reactions They are one of the new elements most awaited by the users of the application. Thanks to them it is possible to “react” to messages through emoticons without having to write a new message. From May 2022 they will be available to all users of the aplicación.

Multi-device mode

WhatsApp multi-device mode is available and enabled for everyone Use the same account on mobile and computerwithout the first person having to stay connected to the internet.

In this way, one of the biggest limitations of WhatsApp Web since its inception disappears.


After a long wait, WhatsApp has officially launched stickers. Like many other messaging and popular networking aplicaciones, Whatsapp stickers Users cánido send images on various themes classified into categories Packagesas if they were more emojis.

In addition, those users who would like Create your own stickers for WhatsAppthey perro do that with no problem.

Vídeos in floating windows

Another of the great innovations that WhatsApp has brought is the possibility Play vídeos in a small floating window. This is a feature that other messaging aplicaciones like Telegram have long included, but WhatsApp has yet to catch on. However, in the latest versions of the aplicación, you perro already clic on a vídeo backlink to play it in mode picture in picture and keep using the aplicación in the meantime.

Support for Android 9 notifications

After the arrival of Android 9 Pie, several applications have been updated support the new type of notifications in this version of Android, which allows you to view images and multimedia content directly on it, as well as a button for replying to messages. Fortunately for WhatsApp users, the update to support this Android feature was not long in coming, and in fact it was one of the first messaging aplicaciones to include this novelty.

Identify suspicious backlinks

In their goal to fight software malicioso and threats spreading in millions of WhatsApp chats around the world, the developers of the most habitual messaging aplicación a useful newcomer has been introduced that is responsible for detecting these potentially suspicious backlinks and warning users prevent access to them.

group calls

WhatsApp vídeo calls are nothing new. Yes, they are instead Group calls coming to WhatsApp in July 2018Users cánido vídeo conference or voice call with up to four contacts.

Telegram-style channels

Although WhatsApp for Android still has a long way to go to become like Telegram, in 2018 we saw the arrival of a message that brought the application a little closer to its open source option and whose logotipo is a paper airplane: the canals. As a matter of fact, These WhatsApp channels are groups that only admins cánido messagewhich perro be useful for spreading information among a group of people.

WhatsApp Security: How to Protect Your Conversations

One of the most important Security is the concern of WhatsApp users. The application includes certain security and privacy settings designed to better control what we want and don’t want to espectáculo other users. For example, we cánido choose to hide our last connection time, status, profile picture, etcétera. In addition, we also have the option to create copia de seguridad copies of our conversations.

To protect your privacy, we highly recommend our WhatsApp Security Guide.

WhatsApp Agregado and WhatsApp Alternatives to Download: Are They Worth It?

Practically since the day WhatsApp was born, yes Alternatives to the original application cánido be downloadedand which sometimes includes features that we don’t find in the WhatsApp aplicación.

WhatsApp Agregado was one of the most famous and we looked further back into its history. However, WhatsApp decided block users who used this kind of alternative aplicaciones, there is no point in downloading WhatsApp Agregado en línea anymore.

However, it is still possible to download alternative WhatsApp aplicaciones. One of the most famous It’s YoWhatsAppwhich, among other things, allows Install and change that Application theme, manually change last connected time or block calls.

Download YoWhatsApp 2023

However, it must be considered that there is a risk in using this type of aplicación WhatsApp cánido ban our account, temporary or permanent. Another aspect to take into account is that since they are unofficial versions of the application, if downloaded from an unofficial source they could endanger our device with software malicioso or other types of malicious programa.