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What will Android P be called? These are the options with the most possibilities

It's here! Just yesterday the first beta for Android P developers was officially launched. And although it is only available for the Pixel and Pixel 2 – it is not compatible with the Google Nexus-, We have already learned about some important changes and a good amount of details about the new version.

Unfortunately, his it still does not reveal anything as to what the name of the new version will be, so we have to continue to be guided by the rumors and pools of the techies who love sweets. Let's see what your bets are.

Android P could be called …

Android 9.0 Petit Four

Is he internal name given to Android version 1.1, so only the oldest of the place will find it known. The strong point of this French sweet is a great variety of flavors and shapes, which would be a perfect allegory of what Android is today: delicious in all its varieties.

Nonetheless, the experts don't give you many ballots to be the definitive name of the next version. Let's move on to the next one.

Android 9.0 Pound Cake

Its main strength is that it is known all over the world and the assimilation of the name and the product would be instantaneous. However, aesthetically it is quite sober and its design may remind of a poorly cooked sliced ​​bread, even more so if you choose to convert it into a drawing.


Therefore, it is even more unlikely that it will be chosen as the winner for the Android 9 version than the previous dessert.

Android 9.0 Pastille

These cheerful little jelly beans seem like the perfect candidate – at least for me. Colorful, sweet and popular all over the planet they would be the perfect reflection of what Android is today. Despite this, experts on the subject do not give him excessive possibilities either. And it's a shame, because they could mimic the Easter egg from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and scratch a tear of nostalgia.

jelly beans

Android 9.0 Popsicle

If chosen, it would be the first sweet ice cream since Google christened version 4.0 of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Taking into account that according to the update calendar of the great the new version will be out in august, nothing more refreshing for our terminals than a good polo shirt.


They may not be weighty arguments – because they are not – but the experts grant 9 out of 10 chances of being the chosen candidate. Watch out for Android Pospicle which is almost on the .

Android 9.0 Pancake

Sweet, salty, with chocolate, with cream or almost anything that comes to mind. You can eat them at any time of the day: breakfast, snack, dessert after lunch, … Crepes like everyone and could be a perfect hook for lovers of these sweets Get on the Android 9 bandwagon.


Android 9.0 Profiterole

It is one more option, but being realistic is the one with the least possibilities. Who thinks of profiteroles when they feel like sweet? (If you answer yes to this question, contact your trusted doctor) Its aesthetics do not make it the most appealing, and image is everything for Google.


Sorry lover of profiteroles, but everything points to that Android 9 will not be your favorite version of the operating system. At least as for the name.

Android 9.0 Pumpkin / Pecan Pie

Is the favorite. Usually, Android internal names have been named cake, and now that Android's name starts with P, the equation seems to solve itself. The only requirements would be that the name of the main ingredient begin with P (as in , what does it mean ; or , what does it mean ) and that it was delicious.


Whether you like these sweets or not, All eyes point to Android 9.0 Pxxxx Pie.

Source: Android Central