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What we expect from Jungle Cruise, the new Disney thing on the billboard

Jungle Cruise, discover how is this Netflix movie that will entertain you in a big way.

Disney has always counted on Dwayne Johnson to create movies full of adventure, laughter and emotion. But in 2021, it seems that they could surprise you more than on other occasions with a very promising new feature film. We are talking about Jungle Cruise and today we will tell you what we expect about this new movie that has just hit the billboard.

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In addition to being one of the main characters in A todo Gas, La Roca is characterized by playing characters full of humor. If laughter movies are your thing or those that are full of adventures, then Jungle Cruise could make you hallucinate.

Jungle Cruise, a fun Disney movie

What is Jungle Cruise about?

Jungle Cruise is a fun comedy, adventure and action film set in the early 20th century where Frank (Dwayne Johnson is in charge of captaining a peculiar boat that sails through the Amazon jungle. Against a lot of unimaginable dangers present in the Amazon River, Frank will take on his boat the beautiful scientist Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) and her brother McGregor Houghton .

Your mission? Find a mystical tree that might have healing powers. To convince Frank, Emily had to offer him a good amount of money but he agreed as soon as he realized what he could win.

The goal will not be easy and on your adventure You will find obstacles of all kinds. In addition, they will have to deal with a German expedition that is also looking for this mysterious tree with properties and adventures.

Jungle Cruise is the clear example of what it is a pure entertainment commercial movie. Fan of The Mummy or Pirates of the Caribbean? Then this new Disney installment will enchant you. Without a doubt, the powerful cast with Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramírez combined with the immersive script and a spectacular director, is the perfect formula to create an entertaining and fun film.

It should be noted that this action-adventure comedy is inspired by the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disney amusement parks. In case you did not know, it is one of the most illustrious and emblematic attractions that you can enjoy in these parks, one that is visited by a lot of tourists from all over the world every day of the year.

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