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What to expect from the new iPhone 13: Should other brands fear?

The iphone 13 would come with everything, who said fear?

Although there are not few detractors that exist of Apple, we will not deny that the company with the bitten apple manufactures spectacular devices that are a resounding success in sales. Possibly of all of them the iPhone is the most popular and is that their sales figures are in the millions.

However, we all know that Apple is not a truly revolutionary brand. The truth is that their iPhone is behind in terms of technology compared to Android terminals and there are features that we have enjoyed for some time in the latter and that there is still no trace on the iPhone.

I have tried to use an Android as the main mobile but Apple has not let me

That is why the iPhone 13, without being a revolution, could have certain features that many of us have been asking for. The question is, Should this be of concern to other brands?

Displays with 120 Hz refresh rate

ASUS ROG Phone 5

The ASUS ROG Phone 5 has a refresh rate of 144 Hz

What most Android users have been using for a long time, is one of the most requested features by Apple phone owners. Because when you test a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it is impossible to go back.

It is true that iPhones are quite fast phones thanks to their hardware and software, but it is also true that their screens do not exceed the rate of 60 Hz, something that even fairly inexpensive Android models have left behind.

Rumors suggest that the new iPhone 13 would finally have 120 Hz and even the experts venture to affirm that the screens of these terminals would have always on display technology, which would keep it always on. The latter remains to be seen.

Significant improvement in the photographic section

Soon we will see the first iPhone without notch

The iPhone 13 will have an improved camera

Although the iPhone have always been characterized as mobile devices with a more than decent photographic section, the truth is that the iPhone 12 was not a great revolution in this regard, succumbing to direct competition such as some specific Huawei and Xiaomi models (always according to DxOMark).

The iPhone 13 could bring interesting news to its cameras, improving the results compared to its immediate predecessor. Yes indeed, we can forget about 8K video recording.

Goodbye to the notch … but not quite

Realme 7 Pro screen

Phones like the realme 7 Pro forget about the notch and bet on the hole in the screen.

Screen holes, pop-up cameras, and even under-screen cameras. There are many ways that manufacturers have developed with the objective of making the most of the front of your terminals. The same does not happen with Apple, its iPhone and the huge notch that we find even in its most recent models.

According to expert analysts, the iPhone 13 would maintain the controversial notch although this time its size would be reduced considerably which would allow a little more use of the front of the terminal screen.

New chips to increase power

iPhone 12 Pro screen

Should we be afraid of the new iPhone?

Every new iPhone comes with a new chip. After the A14 of the iPhone 12, the logic is that this iPhone 13 is yet to come come accompanied by the so-called A15, offering as it could not be otherwise, more speed and battery life.

Considering that the A14 was already faster than its Android counterparts, the normal thing is that the A15 is too.

How can we check, the iPhone 13 would bring characteristics of some Android terminals such as the refresh rate of 120 Hz but also interesting additions such as a better camera and a latest generation processor.

Ultimately, it is possible that the iPhone 13 is a terminal “technologically” inferior to the high-end Android of the same yearBut as experience has already shown us, power is not everything.

With all these changes, the iPhone 13 will be, like its predecessors, a bestseller: so yes indeed, Most of the Android brands DO have to fear the new Cupertino terminal.

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