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What number called me: list of spam phone numbers to block

All these phone numbers are loaded with spam: we reveal where they are calling from and what they want.

Has a called you Unknown number and you are not sure if it is worth returning the call? Are you answering calls from a strange number and there is only noise on the other end? When is it worth it ignore a phone number specifically and when not?

To know who's hiding on the other end of the phone it is more complicated than it seems. Sometimes even caller IDs don't serve to provide us tracks to find out whose unknown phone number is.

Surely more than once you've wanted to yell into the phone: who the hell is calling me?

For this reason, we have proposed collect all those spam phone numbers who so gleefully interrupt our lives to offer us services we don't need.

Needless to say this list will be updated with all spam phone numbers with which we come across. Of course, you can contact us through our social networks so that we include a specific number. Send us a message On twitter or to our Instagram profile including the number and the reason for the call and, in case it turns out to be spam, we will include it in this particular “black list”.

Finally, remember that in case you receive constant advertising calls you can block that number very easily. If you don't know how to do it, we recommend that you take a look at the tutorial in which we explain how to block spam calls on Android, once you have identified the number it is something tremendously simple to do.

Having said that,


Of the most insistent they have several numbers from which they call to offer Telephone services, purely commercial calls that should be blocked.

  • +34 601642517
  • +34 601641999

R Cable

Although their calls are not usually very common, they always aim to advertise new ones Promotions and offers.


At Yoigo they want you to know that they have a new collection of offers what…

Automatic calls

For some reason, there are more and more robocalls or phantom calls: the phone rings, you answer and nothing is heard. To block it has been said.

  • 881243942
  • 950930635
  • 911099813
How to block phone numbers on Android mobiles to avoid calls

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