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What is the TikTok wallet and how do you get a balance?

Find out all about the TikTok wallet and how to balance to support content creators.

Surely you have wondered how many content creators do to generate income making videos and thus be able to live on TikTok. Although it may seem like a utopia, it is easier to make money on TikTok than on others social networks.

Unlike platforms like Facebook and Instagram, here you do not need to have a sponsoring brand or have a company profile, just your creativity and perseverance to create content that other people like.

Of course, this doesn't happen overnight, but when you do, you can receive tiktok gifts by other users who like your content and thus get real money.

What is the TikTok wallet and how do you get a balance?

For this, you need to know everything about the TikTok wallet (all accounts have it, including yours) and that is precisely what we want to talk to you about. If you want to know all the details related to this subject, be sure to read the information we have for you.

What is the TikTok wallet?

The TikTok wallet it's basically a “Virtual wallet” in which they keep all your coins, either the ones you bought with real money to give to other content creators or the same ones that you have received as a gift.

What is the TikTok wallet

All about the virtual wallet of the TikTok app

And yes, in TikTok a lot of real money moves. That is why every day we see more and more people who have dedicated themselves to content creation within this platform to start living from it.

The fact is that all the coins that you have accumulated by gifts from other users can exchange it for real money directly to your Paypal account or bank account.

What are TikTok coins and what are they for?

Now what are coins or “Coins” from TikTok? It is a virtual currency which is paid with real money and which are mainly used as a kind of gift for content creators and thus support or reward your videos.

What are TikTok coins and what are they for?

The coins of the TikTok platform are used to give gifts to your favorite tiktokers

It should be noted that these coins only work within the platform and to acquire them, you must buy them with real money. There are different “Packs” ranging from 70 to 7,000 coins depending on the amount of money you are willing to invest.

Next, we leave you the different packages of coins that you can buy on TikTok and their price depending on which device you use:


  • 70 coins for 1.09 euros.
  • 350 coins for 5.49 euros.
  • 1,400 coins for 21.99 euros.
  • 3,500 coins for 54.99 euros.
  • 7,000 coins for 109.99 euros.


  • 65 coins for 1.09 euros.
  • 330 coins for 5.49 euros.
  • 1,321 coins for 21.99 euros.
  • 3,303 coins for 54.99 euros.
  • 6,607 coins for 109.99 euros.

These prices and quantity of coins may vary by country or region. In some countries this option is limited.

How to top up my balance on TikTok?

You want top up balance on TikTok and you don't know how? It is easier than it seems and we explain step by step what you should do to acquire coins according to your budget.

  • The first thing you should do is go to the TikTok application from your mobile device.
  • Now, go to your profile by accessing from the option “I”, located at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Then go to “Settings> Balance> Top up”.
  • It only remains to choose the pack of coins that you want to recharge according to the budget you want to invest.
  • Confirm the payment through your Google Play or App Store account to be charged to your linked card or PayPal account.
  • One time payment confirmed, the coins will be automatically added to your TikTok wallet to use them whenever you want.
How to top up your balance on TikTok

These are the steps to follow to recharge your TikTok wallet

How to use TikTok coins?

You already know what the TikTok walletYou know the coins, you bought a pack and now? Well, if you've already topped up your account, it's time to use it. But how do you do it?

If you have any content creator worthy of your admiration, a great way to show your support is sending him a gift. This is only possible when you are doing a LIVE and for that, press pink gift box icon found below the video.

How to use TikTok coins

Watch a LIVE of your favorite tiktoker and tap the gift icon to give coins

Of course, keep in mind that by making this gift, all the people who are currently viewing the video will be able to see your profile and will know that you made a donation. So if you were planning to do it anonymously, it may not be the best option.

How to recharge coins on TikTok for free?

You are probably wondering if there is a way to top up TikTok balance for free and how you can do it. Unfortunately we have bad news for you, as there is no legitimate way to do it.

How to recharge coins on TikTok for free

To be able to recharge coins in TikTok you must use your card or PayPal linked account

Currently “There is no third-party application or website” that can generate credits for TikTok beyond the application itself available to Android and iOS. You will surely see hundreds of pages that claim to be able to do this, however, these are only scams to hack your account, so under no circumstances do we recommend doing so.

In addition, the platform itself is very strict with the moderation of this type of actions in its Terms and conditions of use, so if you try, you run the risk of temporary closure or permanent deletion of your account, so it is not worth the risk.

However, if you want to know some tricks to get coins legally, learn how to earn money on TikTok this 2021 with these methods.

As you will see, it is very simple top up balance in your TikTok wallet and start supporting those creators who entertain you more and more with their content.

And don't worry if you can't buy coins, there are other free ways to support them such as leaving a like, commenting and sharing their content with your friends. They will surely appreciate it.

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