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What is and how to play the new Grind mode in Call of Duty: Mobile

Find out how to play Grind mode in Call of Duty: Mobile and have a blast.

The legendary Call of Duty franchise, among other things, has always stood out for offering entertaining game modes. That is, Activision has been doing what is necessary for a long time so that its players do not get bored when playing any COD. For this same reason, today we will explain what it is and how to play the new Grind mode in Call of Duty: Mobile. You will probably love it!

Looking for a new way to have fun with your beloved Call of Duty: Mobile? Then you came to the right place. After you try Grind mode, the safest thing is that you will stay hooked for a while.

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What is Call of Duty Grind Mode?

Grind in Call of Duty Mobile is a game mode in which each enemy drops their dog tags upon death, as in Confirmed Cancellation. However, your duty will be collect these plates then take them to the objective marker of your team on the map.

This mode is not new, because Grind was first included in Call of Duty: Ghosts and it stood out as one of the most successful experiments in the game. Of course, at that time it was only available through custom games.

In 2019, Grind was finally included as a Modern Warfare multiplayer mode. And now in this 2021, the game mode has also made the leap to Call of Duty Mobile.

How to play Grind mode in Call of Duty Mobile?

grind call of duty mobile

Grind in Call of Duty: Mobile

In Call Of Duty Mobile, Grind mode is a mix between Confirmed Low and Hot Spot. However, you must place special emphasis on the objectives to achieve victory.

When you start playing your first few games in this game mode, remember that in Grind sometimes less is more. Here it is not so effective to kill 10 people at once and collect their plates immediately. Why? Because if you have a big streak and die near the enemy base, all the veneers you have accumulated over time will fall at your feet.

To play Grine, the best thing you can do is focus on smaller amounts. Find a handful of badges and get back to your goal as fast as possible. Obviously, don’t do it every few casualties, but try to do it every few casualties to minimize risks.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that the class you choose in each game is absolutely vital. There is no reason for a sniper to be running in the middle of the map and collecting badges. You must be careful what you wear and try to play with it to take advantage of each situation.

grind cod mobile mode

The SMGs are the ones who should be at the forefront leading the teamor when they go to collect the plates. Meanwhile, ARs stay back base protecting allies and eliminating opposing players (which snipers can also do)

Either way, you must focus on a specific role and build your class around that. Take a look at this article with the worst weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile to avoid them. This way you will be much more lethal on the battlefield!

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