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What brand updates their phones to Android 11 before?

We analyze the brands that have taken the longest and least time to update their phones to Android 11.

If at this point in the year, when Android 12 is already a reality, your mobile still remains anchored in a version of the operating system prior to Android 11, I am afraid that you should consider repeating with the manufacturer of your current device the next time you need to change smartphone, or if it is worth betting on a brand that is more respectful of its users in terms of support.

To help you choose, today we will see which brands have been the fastest to update their phones and tablets to Android 11Now that there are almost 200 phones with the update available, or very close to arriving.

Android 11 on a Pixel device.

Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, realme … what brand has updated their phones before?

The data has been compiled by the people from based on the update strategy of each of the different Android device manufacturers.

Thus, it has been possible create a ranking made up of the brands that have taken the longest to bring the latest version of Android to their mobiles, and the ones that have done it the fastest. Like is logic, Google is not present in this ranking since it was the first to update its phones, from the same day of the launch of Android 11.

The list has been as follows:

  1. : The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro were the first mobiles beyond the Pixels to update to Android 11. They did so only 32 days after the launch of the new version of the system.
  2. – In just under two months from the launch of Android 11, OPPO was able to update its Find X2 and Find X2 Pro.
  3. : The Beijing giant also did a good job with its flagship. The Xiaomi Mi 10 were updated to Android 11 62 days after the launch of the latest version of the system.
  4. : OPPO’s independent sub-brand made the arrival of Android 11 official to its realme X50 Pro 87 days after the release of the version.
  5. : Today, a good number of Samsung mobiles have already been updated to Android 11. But the firm was not the first to update its terminals. In fact, it took 95 days to bring the new version to the Galaxy Note20 series models.
  6. : Sony Xperia 1 II owners had to wait 97 days from the launch of Android 11 to be able to enjoy the new version on their mobiles. Today, the vast majority of of the brand already have the latest version of the system.
  7. : 112 days after the arrival of Android 11, ASUS updated its ZenFone 6 to the latest version of the system. It was his first model to receive the update, and today a good part of the brand’s models are still not updated.
  8. : One of the worst companies when it comes to updating their devices has been LG. The first model to receive the update was the LG Velvet, but it took 144 days to install the new version on the device.
  9. The Lenovo-owned firm hasn’t done a particularly good job of bringing Android 11 to its phones either. The first model to receive the update was the Motorola Moto G Pro, which did so on January 30, 2021 – 144 days after the launch of Android 11 by Google.
  10. : HMD Global has not been able to deliver on its promises. What promised to be one of the first firms to update their terminals, has ended up being the slowest when it comes to bringing Android 11 to their phones. Only the Nokia 8.3 has Android 11 at the time of writing this list, but that update came 147 days after the launch of Android 11.
Android versions

Android 10 and Android 11, two of the most recent versions of Android.

It is worth mentioning that this list does not include other firms such as Huawei, which currently does not have a version of EMUI based on Android 11 due to restrictions imposed by the United States government, and therefore does not have any mobile updated to the latest version. The same goes for Honor.

It is also necessary to indicate that another Chinese firm recently arrived in European territory, such as Alive yes he has done a good job by bringing Android 11 to all its terminals sold in Spain from the month of January. It is far from being the first to update its mobiles, but it is appreciated that the company has taken care to update even its most humble models.

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