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What are widgets, how to use them and 7 recommended widgets

Surely you have heard of dispositivos. But do you really know what they are and how they are used?

What are gadgets, how to use them and 7 recommended gadgets for everyday life

Almost since the early days of Google plus’s mobile platform Customization is one of Android’s strengths compared to other operating systems. Google plus itself wanted to make this advantage clear in the first versions of Android, including through functions such as the ability to change elements of the home screen the things.

If you’re not just getting started with Android, Dispositivos shouldn’t be new to you. However, sometimes we forget the great potential offered by these small accessories for our home screen.

What is a dispositivo?

After google plus explanation, Widgets are an essential element of Android home screen customization. You are used to power Displaying information on the screen without having access to the application associated with each widget.

In some cases, Widgets not only display information, but perro also interact with itThis allows you to perform various actions from the home screen, y también.g. B. Turn device options or settings on or off.

Many widgets are also customizable, making it easier Give the home screen of your móvil inteligente or tablet a unique look. And if customization options aren’t included, the vast majority of Android launchers offer the ability to easily resize them.

How to add a widget to your mobile home screen

The process of adding a widget to the home screen is very fácil and pretty much what we would follow add an aplicación shortcut. To do this, select the place you want to add and do the following:

  1. Long press on the empty space on the home screen where you want to add the widget.
  2. Clic on “Widget” in the drop-down menu.
  3. Drag the widget you want to place into the empty slot where you want it placed.

And that’s it. By following these fácil steps, The widget is added to the home screenand it is always possible to change its size or change its position with a long press.

7 dispositivos we recommend using on your mobile phone

  • monthly calendar
  • home calendar
  • Hurry
  • Another device
  • mugged
  • KWGT
  • There are HD widgets on Google plus Play Thousands of applications that contain widgets which allows you to get even more out of its features and all you have to do is look at the widgets menu on your home screen to see it. However, we cánido also find some aplicaciones designed solely to display information on the screen through widgets. Here are some of our favorites from both categories:

monthly calendar

Back then, we selected it as one of the best calendar widgets to use on Android. Monthly calendar widget It is a customizable and easy-to-use aplicación that allows you to add a calendar or agenda to your mobile home screen and choose between different custom styles.

Google plus Play | Monthly calendar widget

home calendar

Another great desktop widget selected as one of the best aplicaciones of 2018 by Andro4all team. Home Agenda is one of the latest aplicaciones from the famous developer F. Franco.

Google plus Play | Home Agenda calendar widget


Another very good aplicación with even better widgets Hurry. With it it is possible to keep track of important events and appointments, since it is responsible for showing us the countdown of days, weeks or months separating us from each of the entries. Both the design of the aplicación and the widgets are taken care of down to the smallest detail, and since it’s completely free to download, we cánido only recommend it.

Google plus Play | Hurry

Another device

Along with the Google plus Pixel 2 2017, a new widget style was introduced on the home screen, which allowed us Take a quick look at the date, our upcoming events in the calendar or the weather, among other things. Initially, the widget was exclusive to Google plus Pixel phones, so developer Tommaso Berlose decided to create it Another deviceAplicación that allows you to use this supplement with any mobile phone and the advantage is that it perro be customized to your liking.

Google plus Play | Another device


If you cánido’t live without knowing what the weather will be like tomorrow, Overdrop is the weather aplicación you need on your phone. Not only is it the most comprehensive weather aplicación on Google plus Play, but it also includes a variety of home screen widgets.

Google plus Play | mugged


There is also the possibility Design our own custom widgets, and give them the functionality you want. For this, few aplicaciones are better than Kustom Widget Maker or KWGT. The aplicación provides us with all the necessary tools Create all kinds of dispositivosand even those used by the usuario community.

Google plus Play | KWGT

Dispositivo HD

But if creating widgets isn’t for you, you cánido always count on them Classic HD widgetsAplicación that has accompanied us for a few years that includes by default 100+ widgets to add to home screenthat is without counting those skin created by the community.

Google plus Play | HD widgets (0.99 euros)

This is just a small collection of them Useful dispositivos for your Android phone. If you’re looking for even more, we recommend checking out our list of the best Android widgets available.