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We analyze dodol Launcher, a different touch for your Android

The world of Android is a constantly expanding universe with all kinds of proposals, either with purely aesthetic improvements or functions added by each of them and as an example of everything we can find we have alternatives such as Nova Launcher, the popular Aviate Launcher or the one we are now analyzing, dodol Launcher.

With dodol Launcher We are facing a launcher for Android with some more than interesting news that may make it our favorite alternative.

First impressions

With dodol Launcher we face an application that opts for simplicity, with a large number of options to be able to use and a large number of alternatives when it comes to customizing our .

Availability and price

We are facing a what with a weight of 7 MB it is compatible with any Android device as long as it has Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or a higher version. In addition and as an incentive over other alternatives, dodol Launcher has a zero cost, one more point in favor when choosing this launcher.

dodol Launcher


By dodol Launcher The first thing that catches your attention once installed is the speed and fluidity that it allows us, without any or sudden crashes, thus achieving a successful user experience that allows us to switch between applications without any problem.

Note the customization section, with infinite options that at first can overwhelm the most novice user in these types of applications. With dodol Launcher there is almost no aesthetic aspect on the screen of our terminal that cannot be modified. By means of downloadable themes, we can change our desktop, opting for example between icons with a more childish touch, others more minimalist or if we prefer, a more classic look. To be able to use these themes, we only have to go to the icon that dodol places us on the main screen and have a network connection.

dodol Launcher

Along with the change of subject, We can also modify the fonts, the functionality of the application organizer, or even configure a vertical scrolling for the application drawer instead of a horizontal scrolling, something that for many users can be appreciated. It also has the option to change the lock screen thanks to the application dodol Locker downloadable from Google Play Store for free. Once installed, in the same way as on our desktop, through themes, we can completely change the appearance of our access screen.

dodol Launcher

Dodol Launcher is practical

But dodol Launcher is not only aesthetic and so on presents a noteworthy gain in terms of practicality of use. Dodol Launcher is practical, yes,?

Dodol Launcher will allow us to import the shortcuts that we already had in our habitual, an option that will appear at the moment we install it. In addition, dodol Launcher offers the option to hide applications () and different ways to be able to control the profits in the applications through four sections: All, Recent, Running and .

dodol Launcher

Also in the app drawer We can organize the applications according to the order of installation, by date of addition, by alphabetical order or according to the most used.

All these changes can be carried out with the adjustment option offered by the same of applications, where also we will be able to change the direction of movement of the application screens. Among the rest of the outstanding functions we find , with which we will have at hand the shortcuts to the most used applications from the notification bar of our device.

And if this seems little to you, dodol Launcher still has surprises, such as persinclusion of a function within the running applications tab that allows you to quickly clear the RAM and thanks to the function , determine the options that will not be suppressed in the active RAM erase.

And continuing with the options, the creating folders in the app drawer also happens to be a possibility, very useful to group applications by theme in an option that we already find in Samsung's TouchWiz, in the same way that it does not show the names of the applications in the drawer.

Video analysis


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Dodol Launcher may be up to date one of the more advisable that we can find in the Google Play Store. In its favor we find points such as strong customization capacity, the tremendously fluid use that it provides to our terminal as well as the addition of cool new features, and all or almost everything, except certain themes, for free. In the less good part of the scale, such is the amount of options to change the aspect that can be overwhelming and in certain options they present a little intuitive use. In addition, among the multiple themes and options we find a excessive use of similar themes with a touch too childish, although it is to be expected that little by little the number and variety of the available options will grow.

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