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vivo will update all its recently launched mobiles in Spain to Android 11 right now

Movement of a lot of identity on the part of vivo.

You have to see the turns that many companies are taking to update their terminals to Android 11 and how easy others do it and, if not, ask alive.

As our colleagues from The free android, The company has announced that all the terminals it has for sale in Spain they will receive the update to Android 11. Thus, at a stroke.

All updated before 2021

vivo X51 will be one of the mobiles that will receive Android 11.

It seems that vivo does not understand half measures and, before the end of the year, all the company’s phones will receive their update corresponding to the new Android operating system.

The first to receive it will be the vivo X51, for which the inclusion of Android 11 is theoretically scheduled for the next few days. At the time of writing the article (Friday 27), the case has not yet occurred.

The most important part of the news is that I live It does not reserve the Android 11 update only for its high-end terminals, thus opening the possibility for users who have a phone with more modest features to enjoy it.

This also includes the vivo y20 and vivo y20s, which we already told you in our analysis that significantly enhanced that of the value for money and to which the company explicitly mentioned.