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VinGroup, the company that bought BQ, will stop manufacturing mobile phones, forever burying the Spanish brand

VinGroup closes its mobile and TV division to focus on electric vehicles.

The Vietnamese group VinGroup, which acquired 50% of the capital of BQ at the end of 2018, has just announce that it will stop manufacturing mobiles, meaning the definitive disappearance of a Spanish brand which, at the time, came to be valued at more than 200 million euros.

The DNA of BQ mobiles will disappear completely after the closure of the VinGroup mobile division

From now on, BQ will only live in our memory

According to Bloomberg, the Vietnamese company itself published a statement a few days ago in which it announced that the closure of its smartphone and TV division, VinSmart, aims to mobilize all possible resources for the development of its automobile manufacturing division, , which they want to turn into one of the leading companies in the smart electric vehicle market.

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VinSmart, or VSmart, has had a really short life, because was founded in 2018, at the end of last year they announced that their new smartphones would begin to be sold in other regions such as Europe or the United States and the United States and when we have not yet reached the middle of this year, definitely close.

Anyway, the Vietnamese manufacturer has ensured that will maintain the warranty of all devices marketed and that it will continue to offer an after-sales service to all owners of their smartphones and smart TVs.

In addition, he also confirmed that his software department will continue posting updates for current terminals.

It should be noted that BQ had already disappeared as a brand in February of this year, when it began its liquidation with a debt of 41 million euros but, now, when it ceases to manufacture VSmart mobiles, it no trace remains of the once successful Spanish company.

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It is a real shame to attend the funeral of the most promising Spanish smartphone brand in history, a company that It sold 1.1 million mobile phones in 2017.

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