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Very soon you will be able to play other games similar to the “dinosaur” in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers throughout the world, so it does not cease in its efforts to launch novelties that improve the user experience, such as its last version 76. However, a little less than five years ago, the Mountain View company surprised the world by launching a minigame of a dinosaur for your browser, which has become very popular over time. Due to this, now everything indicates that very soon you will be able to play other games similar to the “dinosaur” in Google Chrome.

The big G browser hides a lot of easter eggs and secretsLike its mobile version hiding a minigame that you can play without Internet. It is not the only thing the company works on, since it would be preparing the arrival of a kind of games page for Chrome including his own version of the classic , as reported in Chromestory.

Virtually all users are familiar with the popular Chrome dinosaur game. However, this new browser games page is something completely different from what was seen with the ‘Dino runner'. The same source has discovered in the navigation code the inclusion of a games page that acts as a kind of hub within Google Chrome, which is currently known as the code name “joy”.

Google Chrome prepares its own version of the classic Snake

Google chrome snake games

In that part of the browser code a new games page is referenced – which would be called chrome: // games -, although at the moment it is unknown how it will look or the games it will include. Of course, rumors suggest that it could be a kind of rotating selection of games, and it has been discovered that Google Chrome prepares the release of his own version of the classic on that page.

They have even provided a series of images which would confirm that the Mountain View company would be working on some parts of the popular user-oriented game in the new project on Google Chrome. At the moment it is unknown more details of this new games page of the well-known browser, but it is clear that soon users will be able to the new project in Google Chrome.