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UC Browser update to version 9.5

For many users, one of the most interesting applications, or that they use the most, is browsers. That is why we we can find a thousand different in Google Play and we will never know very well which one is better – although sometimes we try to help you – since each user has their tastes and needs.

That is why today we are going to talk about UC Browser, a browser that offers many customization options and reading tools. It allows different reading modes, customization of the browser space, controlled downloads and a series of other options. It is also quite fast loading the pages, from my point of view in this sense there are better browsers, but the truth is that it defends itself quite well.

UC Browser

Also comment on a series of additions, directly related to integration of social networks and the multimedia section. Photo download, specific storage, screenshots, download managers or custom themes.

These are the news according to the developer:

  1. AutoPager: Enjoy a reading without interruptions. AutoPager causes subsequent pages to load automatically when the end of the page is reached. It works on the lite version of the most popular web pages like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
  2. Quick Mode II: A superior Quick Mode that automatically offers you the most suitable version of the web pages depending on the quality of your network connection.
  3. Download speed increase: The efficiency of network connections has been improved to achieve up to twice the download speed.
  4. Download Photos from Facebook: Now you can download your favorite photos on Facebook and save them to your phone.
  5. The leading browser, now even faster: New performance improvements, optimized for higher speed and better stability.
  6. Web Application Center: Easily find the best web applications and enjoy your device without worrying about downloading, installing and updating.
  7. Image Viewer: All the images on a website can be viewed together in one place, as if it were a photo album.
  8. UC desktop widget: You can now access UC Browser from the home area and enjoy all its services.
  9. More languages ​​and fonts: More web fonts and regional languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu, Malay and more are included.
  10. General improvements: Improved key functions such as typing, font settings, smoother forward and backward movements, etc.

Perhaps the most prominent may be the AutoPager, a function that while you are browsing by version of the most common pages, understands that it has a next page and loads it previously, so that once you go to the next page it is already loaded.

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