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Transform your mobile into a Pixel with Android 11 with these apps and tools

With these apps and customization tools, you can transform your mobile into a Pixel with Android 11.

That your mobile is not going to update to Android 11 –or that it is going to do it later than you expected–, does not mean that you cannot enjoy the what’s new in the latest version of Android on your device ahead of time.

Thanks to the customization capabilities of Google’s operating system, you can almost completely transform your mobile into a Pixel with Android 11, and to do so, all you need is to resort to the appropriate applications and tools.

You can transform your mobile into a Pixel with Android 11 using these apps.

These Android 11 functions were already in Samsung mobiles

Download the Android 11 launcher

Let’s start at the beginning. If you want to enjoy the most similar experience possible to the one that a Pixel with Android 11 would offer you, the first thing you need is a launcher.

Although there are dozens of launchers that simulate the “pure” Android experience, in this case we are going to opt for the one that most closely resembles the one included in Google phones: CPL or .

With this launcher, you will not need to make any extra adjustments to make your mobile home screen as similar as possible to that of a Pixel. Simply install the app and start enjoying the experience .

When you have installed the launcher, remember to use it as the default startup app instead of the launcher included in your mobile by default.

Android 11, launcher

The Android 11 launcher, with its original wallpaper.

Use the original Android 11 wallpaper

Although it is optional, and you can use any of the wallpapers from our top instead, you can also download and use original Android 11 wallpaper, available only on Pixel devices and some other models updated to the latest version of Android.

Change app icons

Since the launcher that we have used offers the possibility of use third-party icon packs for Android, we are going to take advantage to use a pack with a design traced to that of the native icons of Android 11.

This is Pixel Q Icon Pack, a pack that includes more than 10,000 icons of the most popular applications.

When you have set it up, you just need access the launcher settings, and choose Pixel Q Icon Pack as the icon pack to use within the “Topic” section.

Activate gesture navigation

Another optional detail, which will depend on your tastes and habits when using your mobile, is Android 11 gesture navigation. The process and operation of these gestures is the same as that of Android 11, so the steps to activate the gestures of Android 11 is exactly the same.

Replace the quick settings panel with Android 11

With Android 11, Google has decided greatly modify the quick system settings panel. Now, we will meet six icons instead of nine, and takes the multimedia playback controls to their own section within said panel.

For replace the quick settings panel of your mobile with that of Android 11, all you need is one free app call Power Shade. When you install it, you just have to grant you the necessary permissions and activate it. Afterwards, you can customize it to your liking.

And if you want to enjoy the full Android 11 experience, we recommend activate the option “Integrate multimedia players in quick settings”, within the “Extras” menu of the app. In this way, the media player will appear directly on the panel as in the Pixels with Android 11.

Android 11 Quick Settings

Quick settings change in Android 11.

Use the Android 11 volume control

The volume control native to the Android 11 system. Luckily, thanks to apps like Ultra Volume it’s possible replace the volume control of your mobile with the Android .

Simply download the app, grants the necessary permissions and choose the theme called “Android 10”. Then you can change accent and background colors if you wish, or keep the originals.

Android 11 volume control

This is the system volume control in Android 11.

Now, your phone should already look a lot like a Pixel with Android 11, but you can always go one step further.

Some developers have decided to go ahead and create Apps that simulate some of the best Android 11 features, and you take them to any other device regardless of its version of Android.

For example, with DirectChat you can have Android 11 bubble notifications on any mobile.

Also, if what you want is discover a new way to use your mobile, the Tap app, Tap lets you configure shortcuts with a double tap on the back of the mobile, something that is already in iOS 14, and that everything points will sooner or later come to Android 11.

The news of Android 11 that only reaches the Pixel

And that’s it. As you can see, it has been possible completely transform your mobile without the need to update your Android version, or resort to complex or advanced procedures such as root or ROM changes. Now all you have to do is enjoy your mobile.

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