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Touchless Chat: voice control of instant messaging apps

Today, of instant messaging most important, they have the possibility to send audio notes. However, none of them allows its control by voice, something that would undoubtedly improve the user experience. Fortunately, we can always count on the talent and effort of external developers to those companies who dare to go one step further and innovate. As proof of this, this time we can tell you about a new call Tuchless Chat, and that is precisely focused on improving the use of instant messaging.

As its creator commented in Reddit, the application allows you to send and reply messages to contacts of the main instant messaging applications using only voice commands. It achieves this thanks to the use of Google Now, with whom he integrates, and who recently showed the news at the Mountain View developer event. To give you an idea, with pronouncing the mythical command Ok Google and saying send a WhatsApp message to so and so, you would no longer need to touch the screen of your Not at all. Impressive, don't you think?

Video: Touchless Chat on Android.

This Whatsvoice-style but more complete proposal is compatible with Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts. Additionally, Touchless Chat works with 15 languages different, and is also compatible with Tasker – the creator of this has experience creating of this -, and with the operating system for Android Wear. Finally, it should be noted that Touchless Chat gives the possibility of inserting shortcuts and on the home screen of your Android devices. The application is already in the Play Store for download, and it does not need to be To make it work. It's free, but yes, in return you will have to endure a considerable amount of advertising.

Play Store | Touchless Chat (Free with advertising).