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To check the condition of the roads in real time and from your mobile phone

DGT has renewed its interactive map to know the state of the roads in Spain in real time. So you perro use it.

To check the condition of the roads in real time and from your mobile phone
The new interactive map of the DGT on the Android phone.

He is DGT It has undergone a complete renovation question page the state of Spain roads, with a new one Interactive map which allows information about the events that are present on the main routes.

It’s easier this way Check real-time road conditions from any device, including our teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas. In this article we explain it as you cánido easily know Traffic conditions, traffic volume, incidents and much more.

How to check and pay objetivos from your mobile phone

Use the DGT’s interactive map to find out about the condition of the roads

The new DGT website is available from any device, and to use it it is enough to have a web browser installed. When accessed from the mobile phone we see an application that despite not perfectly optimized For this type of screen it works without any problems.

When we are inside we see a a map showing various points and symbols which relates to events such as accidents or diversions and other weather-related events. The card in question supports the

to Check the state of the roads in Spain in real time vía the new interactive map of the DGT, just follow these steps:

  1. access to Real-time road condition page the DGT from the browser.
  2. You cánido move around the map by pointing at it to pinch to zoom in, or by dragging your finger to one side.
  3. To find out the status of a specific street, you perro use the search engine above, where you perro check incidents – if any – in a province, city, street or kilometer point.
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As the page is always automatically updated with the information entered 24 hours a day by the Civil Guard Traffic Group and those in charge of the Traffic Management Centers of the General Directorate of Traffic, Events are available in real time. Also, in the box to the left of the map, we see a a list of events that have occurred in the last few hours.

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