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This new Google Keep feature will excite users of the Google Notes app

At last we can change the wallpaper of our notes to personalize them to the maximum.

One of the Google applications that allows us to be more productive in our day to day is, without a doubt, Google Keep, an app of which we have already elaborated a complete guide for you to know everything you can do with it.

Now, the Google notes and lists app has just received a new functionality that, we are sure, that will excite all users of this application.

Personalization comes to Google Keep

As we can read in 9to5 Google, Google Keep has received an update, with version number 5.21.281, in which a series of wallpapers for our notes.

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Until now, we could only customize our notes with a monochrome background, but from now on, we can choose between 9 wallpapers with different designs and colors.

These wallpapers feature a series of specific themes that we will detail below:

  • Three of them focus on food, making it ideal for write down recipes or create shopping lists.
  • Two others represent the beach and the pool, so they are perfect for plan our vacations.
  • One of them has a pencil with a shadow that looks like a road, very appropriate for take a quick note.
  • Another is an urban landscape that looks through the “lens” of a park.
  • The penultimate is a film-themed background where we can see a roller coaster-shaped ribbon.
  • The last one is an image of some fireworks, ideal for plan our summer parties.

To access these new background images we just have to click on the color palette icon that appears in the lower menu when creating a new note.

From what we have been able to prove, writing about these new wallpapers contrast does not make most texts difficult to read, although we must indicate that yellow or orange backgrounds are confused with emojis.

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This new Google Keep feature is progressively reaching all users, so if you haven't received it yet, don't despair because it will come to you over the next few days.

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