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This is the origin of Trash Doves, the famous Facebook pigeons

For a couple of days there has been a huge plague on Facebook. Are we talking about people who upload photos of food? Of those that only publish “: V”? No, we are talking about the pigeons.

Facebook comments have been filled with purple pigeons that nobody knows where they come from, but that are causing a furore.

It is a package of called , and we tell you its story.

The happy dove is the work of Syd Weller, a designer from Florida (United States), and part of the creative team at Adobe.

This sticker pack o started to catch on a couple of days ago in Thailand as a result of a video, somewhat peculiar, in which the dove makes a pretty weird dance with a cat.

If curiosity can, you have the video below so that you can “enjoy” it.

That video was published on the 7th of this month, and the de la paloma were launched on Facebook on January 31.

Six days after the publication of the video, it has more than 4 million views, and the dove has become the people’s favorite.

In fact, if you follow us on Facebook you will have seen that all the comments have been filled with purple doves.

can be downloaded for free from Facebook Messenger through the same application. If you were envious of your friends for posting pigeons, you know what to do.

As pointed out in Third, the sticker pack will be coming to Line soon and will have a dedicated application in the Apple App Store (we do not know if something beyond the ).

For now, you already know what the origin of the Facebook pigeons is: 24 that have become the favorite SPAM of users from the Zuckerberg network.