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This is the incognito mode of Gboard, the Google keyboard

We are all looking forward to Android O, although it is true that most of us will not even smell it in our current terminal. However, always like to see what news Google will bring for the future of Android.

In fact, we have already told you on occasion what the main novelties of Android O will be.

Now, how can you read in Android Headlines, It seems that another important novelty related to Gboard, the Google keyboard, has been discovered in the third Android Developer Preview or that this will release a new incognito mode compatible with Chrome.

This is the inconito mode of Gboard, the Google keyboard

Yes, the new notifications when you listen to music are not the only Little visible novelty of Android O. As we have already told you, Gboard will have an incognito mode.

Apparently, Gboard’s incognito mode is designed to work automatically when you access Google Chrome’s incognito mode, in fact, it even changes the keyboard background, showing the usual incognito mode icon

Incognito gboard mode

In principle, you may think that it is silly, but you have to keep in mind that the Google keyboard has access to everything you type in this way, improve the suggestions and learn your most used words.

It’s not crazy that you don’t want this to happen also when you search for something in incognito mode.

From it seems to us great news that Google is doing slight efforts to improve the privacy of its users, although it continues to be compromised on numerous occasions.

However, we would like Google to go further and allow this incognito mode to be activated outside of Google Chrome and at the time the user chooses.

For now, we will have to wait to see the fourth Android O Developer Preview, but it seems that there is not much left to be able to thoroughly test the new and improved version of Android