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This is the future interface of Google Chrome, with references to Material Design 2 …

Google is immersed in renovation of your user interfaces, but it does not seem that the Material Design lines are going to die yet, and it is that the Mountain View giant seems to be working on a more measured renovation than the one we have already seen referenced with the name of “Material Design 2” in various Google open source repositories.

The next app to get a serious facelift will be Google Chrome, and although the references to the second version of Material Design have disappeared to make way for a change called , The truth is that we are facing a complete renovation that perhaps anticipates the arrival of a renewed Material Design that this Google I / O 2018 will be four years old.

In fact, the sources even give us dates for the arrival of these new designs, indicating that Google Chrome will change its appearance on its birthday, next September 2, with a software update that should be anticipated at Google’s annual event in May.


Material Design 2, or just a version of Chrome optimized for touch devices?

Surely by now you all know Material Design, but the design lines that Google introduced together with Android Lollipop in 2014 they may be getting outdated. Flat palettes and pastel colors are a common element in the Android interface and in countless applications, and this interface design philosophy has even spread to other Google services.

It has been several weeks since references to in an entry that was removed shortly afterwards, although that same entry in Google’s development communities has now been resurrected changing all references to .

What is clear is that Google is working on a new interface for Chrome, although at the moment it is not very clear what to call it, but this new design optimized for Chrome touch devices does not imply that Material Design 2 ceases to exist, but that a Google engineer has said this instance has nothing to do with Material Design 2, only that, and that for that reason it was eliminated and recovered later with another denomination.


Also, the guys from xda-developers They have been in charge of tracking the references to that touch Chrome and everything seems to indicate that what they say from Google is true, Material Design 2 will exist, but This new Chrome interface applies to a direct upgrade for convertible tablets and laptops, and it has nothing to do with Material Design 2.

Whether or not this is the face of some renewed Material Design lines, the truth is that the next Google I / O 2018 should bring us more informationAlthough between now and September there is still a long time and we will surely see more details of a change that we all hope.