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This is the best Android launcher to use if you have a foldable smartphone

Niagara Launcher has been updated to introduce a format fully adapted to foldable teléfonos inteligentes like the Galaxy Z Fold3.

This is the best Android launcher to use if you have a foldable smartphone
The new version of Niagara, perfect for foldables.

It may not be such a well-known aplicación as New starterbut in recent years Niagara Launcher It’s gaining more and more followers, especially thanks to its fácil looks and its unique format, the features that make it what it is particularly comfortable and easy to use.

The very creators of Niagara created one an updated version of your Android launcherthat emplees its format to convert it to the Perfect launcher for foldable teléfonos inteligentes like the current Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

The new version of Niagara Launcher aims to improve the experience in “Foldables”.

The team behind the aplicación explains that capitalizing on the popularity of foldable teléfonos inteligentes, they decided to ensure this Niagara offers the best possible experience on this device type.

It was for that Optimized launcher interfazso i perro quickly adapts to any screen format –folded or unfolded–without affecting the home screen layout chosen by the usuario.

It’s one of the changes Move the content aparente on the screen and it will enlarge slightly when the screen is displayed. It’s easier that way Access to the different aspects of the usuario interfaz with the device in hand.

Niagara Launcher

The Niagara Launcher interfaz adapts to the horizontal format of the screens.

Additionally, fault has been corrected which was aparente in the launcher when using landscape mode and added new icon size options. This is also possible with the support of the “Aplicación Continuity” function fold or unfold the mobile and continue from the same placewithout having to reload the interfaz.

As for landscape mode, it has to be said that it is Niagara is working on an en fase de prueba landscape method, intended for use on “mainstream” teléfonos inteligentes. This method emplees a two-column format for better space utilization and cánido be activated Entering the “secret” command. /Landscape in the aplicación search bar integrated into the aplicación.

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also added Mouse and keyboard support which allows to complete connections perform actions quickly and a new wallpaper.

cánido Download the Niagara beta through the Github repository from the project. At the moment all the announced news are available in the trial version of the aplicación, but sooner or later they will reach the stable version that will be distributed through the Google plus Play Store.

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