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This is Google’s “Android TV Stick”, with included remote control and new Android TV interface

We already know at least one of the new products that Google will present at its annual hardware event, which will likely take place sometime next October.

Her code name is “Sabrina”, and just like have discovered from the XDA portal, Its about first Android TV dongle created by Google.

We’ve known for some time that the company planned to launch a device intended to succeed the Google Chromecast.

Today, for the first time, we can know some of the details of this Android TV Stick created by , which among its novelties would include the inclusion of a remote control.

This is “Sabrina”, Google’s Android TV dongle

Google’s first Android TV Stick, known as “Sabrina”

Although it is not confirmed, everything seems to point to that The device will be launched as part of Google’s Nest brand catalog, and the main goal of Google would be to succeed the current Chromecast Ultra.

Like the vast majority of Android TV Sticks on the market, this device would have a dedicated remote control, thus providing a new control mode beyond our Android smartphone.

This remote control would have, among other things, a button to invoke the Google Assistant, and a microphone for consultation through voice commands.

In fact, one of the images leaked today allows you to see the design of this remote control.

Google remote with button for the Assistant

This will be the remote control of “Sabrina”

Other confirmed details about the device include the inclusion of a Amlogic processor and support for Dolby Vision.

In addition, previous rumors have indicated a price that would be around $ 69 for the current Chromecast Ultra, so that Google’s first Android TV Stick would be able to compete – in terms of price – with the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick that the Chinese brand plans to present soon.

Google prepares a total renovation of Android TV

But Google’s Android TV dongle won’t come alone. Not long ago we learned that Google intended to remove the Android brand from Android TV, so that the platform was renamed Google tv.

Now, we know this name change will come added to a total renovation of the platform’s user interface.

Android TV new interface

The new Android TV interface coming soon

Through a series of filtered images, it is possible to take a first look at the new Android TV interface.

As explained from the XDA portal, this new interface will show a list of series and movies at the bottom of the screen, while the middle part will be covered by a carousel of recommended content that will vary automatically.

Another novelty will be the support for alerts from Google Nest family devicessuch as cameras or doorbells.

Broadly speaking, it would be a function similar to the one that is already present in the brand’s smart screens.

New Android TV design with Nest alerts

We do not know when will this redesign come, but it is very likely that Google will wait until the launch of its first Android TV dongle to begin its deployment.