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This Google application has just joined the billion downloads club

Google Spreadsheets, another application that joins the ranking of apps with more than 1,000 million installations.

Another Google app has just joined the exclusive club of the applications with more than 1 billion downloads through Google Play, to which the clock app developed by the Mountain View company was added recently.

It's about the Google Sheets app, one of the office automation tools that the company offers to Android users, which at the beginning of 2019 exceeded the barrier of 500 million downloads.

The Google Sheets app accumulates more than 1 billion downloads

Google Sheets, the Google spreadsheet app.

As they advanced in , Google has managed to add one more application to the applications with more than 1 billion installations. The spreadsheet app has not received major updates in recent years, and to this day it still maintains a design based on classic Material Design lines. However, the lack of news has not prevented it from becoming one of the most popular applications in the store.

It is still far from reaching any of the apps with more than 5,000 million downloads that exist on Google Play, but seeing how it has grown in the last two years, it is not unlikely that it could reach this difference in downloads in the medium term.

Google's alternative to Microsoft Excel is part of the of Google office automation, together with Documents and Presentations. The first has long passed the barrier of 1,000 million installations, and the second is on the way to achieving it.

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