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This free application is what your Gmail needs

If you use Gmail a lot, you should try this app.

One of the uses we give the most to a mobile phone is to receive and send emails. The truth is that being able to carry our office in the palm of our hand is a real advance since it is not necessary to be in front of a computer to be able to manage a large part of our work. There are many mail clients, but Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used. Not only because it is the official Google client but also because let's face it, it is fast and works of category.

However, the Gmail application for Android is not perfect and has certain shortcomings when compared to the desktop version. Managing and creating labels from the Gmail app is something that cannot be done yet. It is possible that the normal user does not require this function but for all those who receive hundreds of emails a day it is essential. Well, thanks to this application that we bring you next, creating labels from our smartphone will no longer be a problem.

eLabels: manage your Gmail labels from your Android smartphone

This app takes Gmail to another level.

As we read in Android Police, eLabels is an interesting application for all those who use Gmail on their Android phone. What does it allow to do? Manage labels and filters for your Gmail account.

The first thing eLabels stands out for is its simplicity. Two lower tabs allow you to manage labels and filters while the upper bar allows us to log into a Gmail account or switch between several. The best thing about eLabels is that it does not access our email inbox but simply our labels, so our privacy is assured.

Another positive aspect is that eLabels is free. If we use it in this way, advertising will appear so if we want to eliminate it we will have to make a single payment of $ 3.99. Luckily no subscriptions. In addition to removing advertising, we will also have access to a dark theme, colored labels and a useful widget. That is, we can download it for free, try it and if it convinces us, pay for it.

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