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This Chinese brand will launch a mobile with 20GB of RAM

ZTE could launch the first smartphone with 20 GB of RAM.

Does a smartphone need more RAM memory than a laptop? Obviously not and despite everything, more and more brands inflate specifications to attract potential consumers.

Because if you thought that an Android device with 12 GB of RAM was nonsense, be careful what comes next. A smartphone with the figure of 20GB of RAM. The question is: what for?

ZTE could launch the first Android terminal with 20 GB of RAM

ZTE could launch the first smartphone with 20 GB of RAM

You just have to look back and look at the specifications of the devices of yesteryear. Not only did they have insufficient storage memory, but they also had quite a ridiculous amount of RAM. Little by little the specifications were increasing until reaching the figure of 4GB, something that seemed to us a milestone.

Of course right now finding a terminal with these figures is almost impossible. Now the top of the range mount specifications almost from NASA computers and it seems that if a phone does not have 12 GB of RAM, it is useless at all. Well, you know that this is going to go on and on.

Because ZTE, one of the most popular Chinese firms until the arrival of brands like Xiaomi or realme, He has hinted on his social networks that he is working on a smartphone with a spectacular 20 GB of RAM.


ZTE hints to be working on a terminal with 20 GB of RAM

As we read in Gizmochina, Lu Qianhao ZTE executive, has posted on the Chinese social network Weibo a comment that could confirm this fact. The truth is that rumors have begun to emerge like foam and many are those who think that we would really be talking about a terminal with virtual memory, or what is the same, 18 GB of real RAM and 2 GB of virtual.

Be that as it may, it is not unreasonable that ZTE is working on a terminal of these characteristics. It is a brand that has lost presence in the market in recent years, so this would be the best way to be on everyone's lips again. Another thing is that the 20 Gb of RAM in a terminal are or not necessary for a user.

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