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This application turns your Android mobile into a Nintendo Switch controller

Currently there are a large number of applications, from one that allows you create your own “deepfakes”, to another with which follow all flights live. Even Google recently released one that you can learn to code with, perfect for these days of quarantine. However, some of the applications, due to the large number that exist, go unnoticed. For example, in the Google store you can find an app that turn your Android mobile into a Nintendo Switch controller.

An application is useful if, for example, you only have some Joy-Con, the controls of the hybrid console of Nintendo; So if other members of your household want to participate in the thrilling go-kart races, they can’t. Until now, since thanks to JoyCon Droid yes they can. It is an application that turn your Android mobile into a Nintendo Switch controller.

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Developed by DeepBlue Labs, this application allows you to turn an Android smartphone into a Joy-Con or Switch Pro Controller, the official controller of the popular Nintendo hybrid console. This app, which is available completely free on Google Play, connects via Bluetooth connection and turns your smartphone screen into a Nintendo Switch controller. It should be noted, yes, that the phone must be running Android 9 or later for the application to work, an app that is currently in a testing phase, so there may be errors.

An app that transforms your smartphone into the Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch

It must also be taken into account that there are certain devices in which the application may not be fully functional. The creators of JoyCon Droid ensure that it is the perfect application for those users who have a Nintendo Switch in their possession and who don’t want to spend more money on some Joy-Con. Among the features of the application are the accelerometer and gyroscope.

In the same way, the motion controls can be too sensitive, although, perhaps, the biggest problem with this application is the absence of buttons, especially for those people who spend hours playing video games. Feeling the button is crucial when playing, since this way it is known which button is being pressed. With virtual controls something different happens, and that is that sometimes you have to look at the mobile screen to see if the finger is in the right place to press one of them. However, this application is a good resource if you need more controllers at home to enjoy the multiplayer titles of Nintendo Switch, one of the consoles of the moment.