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This application floods your house with bottles so that you become aware of the impact of plastic on the planet

This free app tries to make us aware of the extreme use of plastic bottles, and also help to reduce it progressively.

Around 20,000 plastic bottles are manufactured every second on the planet, a disproportionate production and consumption that causes a very dangerous environmental impact. To raise awareness of this problem, those responsible for Studio Birthplace have created an app called Humanity's Impact that floods your house with bottles.

We have been able to test this application and we are here to tell you how it works. In addition to raising awareness about the impact of plastic on the planet, also helps you reduce consumption of it on a weekly basis. Let us discover how to use Humanity's Impact and everything you can do with it.

Humanity's Impact is an app that floods your house with bottles to make you aware of the extreme use of plastic.

Humanity's Impact, an app that makes you aware of the impact of plastic

Humanity's Impact is a free application for Android and iOS that fills any space you approach with your mobile camera with plastic bottles. About the use of plastic we know very striking details, such as the production of 20,000 bottles per second, which is almost 1 million a minute. However, images always impact more than figures, and that is the intention of Studio Birthplace.

First of all, before talking about the app, those responsible for this study have created a video that floods a neighborhood with 20,000 plastic bottles so that we can see the impact that humans have on the planet. Just have to see the result of the project to understand how dangerous of the matter.

After watching this video, it is recommended that you download the Humanity's Impact app from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, open it for the first time and accept the permissions so that you can access the camera from the terminal. The application will receive you informing you about those 20,000 plastic bottles that are produced every second, and encouraging you to discover what it means in real life.

Then you will have to specify how many plastic bottles you use per week. If you dare to reduce them, click on “No more for me” and you will open the most important page of the app, the one that fills your house with bottles using augmented reality. Focus with the camera the space you want to flood with plastic, click on the bottle button at the bottom and let Humanity's Impact do its job. You will be able to see the number of bottles on the screen with the counter at the top.

This application floods your house with bottles so that you become aware of the impact of plastic on the planet

Afterwards, you can take a picture to share it through social networks and raise awareness among your contacts on the impact of plastic on the planet. You can also make the bottles float through the air, and even take a selfie with the bottles. 20,000 is a lot, so you will need a very large space to fit all of them.

The application was only launched a few months ago, so it is expected that they will arrive updates that improve its operation, including the tool to reduce your plastic consumption. Undoubtedly, a great initiative This one from Studio Birthplace to raise awareness among users of the damage we do to the planet by consuming so much plastic on a daily basis.

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